Fur Mites in Guinea Pigs



Depending on the type of mite that is found to be infesting your guinea pig, and the severity of the infestation, your veterinarian may either prescribe a powder or spray to be applied to your guinea pig's skin, or a series of injections to treat the skin irritation and inflammation along with the mites.


Living and Management


Follow your veterinarian’s advice regarding the application of the prescribed medicated dusts and sprays, and take steps to regularly clean and disinfect your guinea pig's cages to remove the mites and their eggs, as the unhatched eggs can lead to re-infestation. Observe your guinea pig for any signs of stress or illness, and consult your veterinarian if the symptoms do not appear to be lessening.




Fur mite infestations can often be minimized or prevented by making sure that living quarters are clean and sanitary, and by minimizing your guinea pig's stress levels.