Salmonella Infection in Hamsters



Treatment is not an effective option for salmonellosis. Broad-spectrum antibiotic drugs and supportive therapy with fluids and electrolyte supplements may be used, but only in mild cases.


Living and Management


A hamster recovering from salmonella infection will be weak and require your extra care. Consult your veterinarian regarding the hamster's diet and medication regimen. However, use extreme caution while handling infected hamsters, as there is a chance you may contract the Salmonella infection from your pet.




Salmonella infection is highly contagious and is mainly transmitted in hamsters through ingestion of food and water contaminated with infected feces, urine and bedding material. Therefore, regularly cleaning the cages and removing feces, urine, and soiled bedding material is essential. In addition, remove any hamster suspected of being infected to avoid an outbreak.