Bloating in Chinchillas



Treatment by a veterinarian is usually required for tympany and may include passage of a stomach tube or insertion of a needle into the stomach to relieve gas buildup. Nursing females may respond favorably to calcium gluconate given intravenously to help manage hypocalcemia.


Living and Management


The chinchilla should be allowed to rest in peace. Carefully monitor the diet as well as the feeding schedule. Consult your veterinarian and formulate a special diet to be fed during the recovery from tympany.




Bloat in chinchillas can be prevented to a great extent by feeding your pet chinchilla a diet specially formulated for chinchillas. Avoid changing the feed or feeding schedule suddenly. Monitor your pet's feeding and take steps to prevent overeating. Giving adequate calcium supplements to pregnant chinchillas can ensure that hypocalcemia-related tympany does not occur in nursing females.