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Tumor of the Uterus in Dogs



The ideal treatment is to spay the dog. However, doxorubicin, cisplatin, carboplatin, and epirubicin are the most rational chemotherapeutic choices for treating cancerous uterine tumors and their spread of disease. If your dog has a uterine infection, such as pyometra, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate medications for treating the infection. Often, the treatment for pyometra is surgical removal of the uterus, or spaying.


Living and Management


If the uterine tumor is malignant, your veterinarian will schedule follow-up appointments every three months to check for cancer spread and adjust the therapy as needed.  Before each chemotherapy treatment, complete bloodwork will be done. If the uterine tumor is benign, surgery (spaying) is generally curative. Your veterinarian will schedule health checkups in accordance with your dog's overall health condition, but unless there was an underlying condition, your dog should be able to go about living normally. 



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