Stomach Worm Infection (Physalopterosis) in Dogs



The worms do not necessarily have to be removed from the dog's body; treatment of stomach worms can be done at home with prescribed drugs. An adulticide designed to kill the adult worms can be prescribed, as well as other medications for the reduction of gastric symptoms.


Living and Management


Treatment with an adulticide, and any other prescribed medications, will need to be followed as per your veterinarian's instructions. Your doctor will schedule a follow-up visit with your dog so that treatment efficacy can be assessed. Any clinical signs, or the shedding of eggs in feces, should be resolved within two weeks of treatment. If the initial treatment is unsuccessful, re-treatment may be necessary.




Limiting your dog’s access to areas where intermediate hosts, or small rodent transport hosts can be found may prevent stomach worms. Outdoor exposure will increase the odds of contracting stomach worms.