If Pets Could Talk: A Heartwarming Letter from Dog to Friend

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The only place I feel like I’m close to you, where I think I can still feel your hand on my head like I did when I sat next to your reading chair, is when I sit near the stone with your name on it. That’s the only place I feel close to you now, where it feels like you are close to me. But that’s okay because I have lots to think about while I’m waiting for you.


Sometimes I think back to my first day with our family. I was happy and afraid at the same time and very curious about my new surroundings that were to be my home. Everyone was busy rubbing my ears and patting my head, picking me up and clapping their hands to get my attention.   Finally, I found you, quietly sitting in your chair reading.


It looked safe there by your side, so I sat there, too. I felt your gentle hand rub my cheek and all you said was a soft "Good boy". Then you said to the rest of the family, "I think he just needs to rest now".  From then on I always felt safe next to you. 


You are my true friend. Maybe that’s why I spend every day here … waiting for you.


I know you’re here. I just don’t know why we can’t play anymore. Where did you go? Sometimes I hear myself whine and sigh because I miss you so much … I wonder if you hear me. I can’t see you or hear you or smell you, but you must be near because this is the only place I feel safe. So I’ll keep coming here to be with you, I’ll sit by the rock with your name on it and remember all the fun we had together.


Deep inside me I know we will have more walks to take again someday. We’ll turn left at the road and hike down the hill to Eddy Creek. You’ll patiently tie on your newest trout fly and I’ll be lying under the willow tree watching you.


Until then, I promise you, with all the loyalty in my heart, I’ll stay right here so you can find me. I'll be next to the rock with your name on it, waiting for you.




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Image: TheGiantVermin / via Flickr