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Obesity in Cats



Treatment for obesity is focused on weight loss and maintaining a decreased body weight for the long term. This is accomplished by reducing caloric intake and increasing your cat's exercise routine and time spent doing it. Your veterinarian will most likely have a prepared diet plan that you can use to refigure your cat's eating schedule, or will help you to create a long-term diet plan for your cat.


Diets that are rich in dietary protein and fiber, but low in fat, are typically recommended, since dietary protein stimulates metabolism and energy expenditure, along with giving the feeling of fullness, so that your cat will not feel hungry again shortly after eating. Dietary fiber, on the other hand, contains little energy but stimulates intestinal metabolism and energy use at the same time.


Increasing your cat's physical activity level is vital for treatment. For cats, the use of interactive toys, such as laser lights, is encouraged, along with games of fetch, if your cat enjoys it, and other chase and catch games.


Living and Management


Follow-up treatment for obesity includes communicating regularly with your veterinarian about the progress you are having with your cat's weight reduction program. Monthly monitoring of your cat's weight, along with a firm commitment to your cat's diet will be the establishment of a lifetime weight maintenance program, so that even after the ideal body condition score has been achieved you will feel confident that your cat is eating healthy and feeling its best.


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