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Helsinki Launches New Animal Protection Unit on Police Force

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Recent Study Shows Why It’s so Important to Clean Dog Bowls

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Over 100 Cats and Dogs Saved From Top Floor of Flooding Animal Shelter

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Eating Cats and Dogs Is Now Outlawed in the US

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Study Shows Animal Shelters Often Misidentify Dog Breeds

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New Zealand Town Considers Cat Ban to Protect Wildlife

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TSA Employs Dogs to Reduce Waiting Time at the Airport

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Vacaville Police Rescue 60 Shelter Animals Before Nelson Fire Strikes

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2018 Brings New Highs for Pet Industry

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Confirmed Cases of Canine Influenza Spike in Michigan

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Publix Grocery Store Chain Cracks Down on Service Animal Fraud

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Instagram Institutes Animal Safety Alerts to Inform Users of Potential Cruelty

The Instagram app has become notorious for being a hub for lifestyle influencers and bloggers who document fascinating experiences. READ MORE

Jul 27, 2018 / 0 comments