Bladder Threadworm in Rats



Your veterinarian will treat your rat with the drug ivermectin, which is effective at eradicating the parasitic threadworm from the bladder and kidney of the rat.


Living and Management


You must maintain proper sanitation in the colony of the rats under treatment in order to prevent reinfection with nematodiasis. Reinfection in a rat colony is common if all of the rats are not treated at the same time and the parasite is not eradicated completely. Follow your doctor’s recommendations in this regard.


While under treatment, calcium should be reduced or removed from your rat's diet to prevent formation of calcium stones in the bladder and kidneys. A well-balanced diet is prescribed to further your rat's recovery from the infection and encourage normal growth.




Infected rats should be isolated from the other rats to prevent infection of healthy rats in the colony. Proper sanitation is also important in preventing the spread on to the prevention of nematodiasis infection.