Fractures in Hamsters

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Because hamsters are small, delicate small animals, fractures are difficult to treat. Your veterinarian may try to reduce the fracture and then apply bandage to restrict movement and promote healing. If an open wound is present, it will be suitably dressed and topical antiseptics or antibiotics applied.


Painkillers may be administered to help temporarily reduce your hamster's suffering. Your veterinarian may also recommend vitamin and mineral supplements to help the hamster recover quickly.


Living and Management


Place the hamster in a small cage or enclosure to limit its movements. In addition, provide it a well-balanced, nutritious diet and supplements your veterinarian may have recommended.




Supplying your hamster with a cage that is safe and equipped with solid floors may help in preventing any accidental bone fractures. A well-balanced diet may also prevent bones from weakening -- and subsequent fractures -- due to nutritional disorders.