Intestinal Parasites in Rats



Your veterinarian will prescribe anti-parasitic drugs depending on the type of intestinal infection your rat is suffering from. Keep in mind that it is possible for a rat to be infected with more than one type of parasite. The drugs your doctor prescribes may be anti-protozoals or anti-helminthic, or both, based on the final findings. The pinworm infection is one of the most difficult intestinal parasites to treat. In addition, it is not easy to detect the pinworm eggs because they are light and may float in air.


Follow your veterinarian’s dosage instruction correctly to completely rid your rat of the intestinal parasites, and take steps to sanitize your rat's living environment so that there is not a recurrence of the infection.




It is best advised to disinfect your rat's cage on regular basis so the rat is more secure from intestinal parasites. Some parasites can be passed between species, and in some cases, even to their human caretakers. Familiarizing yourself on parasites that are known to infect domestic animals, along with routine health examinations for all of your household animals, is an important part of protecting your pets from the more severe complications that can result from a parasitic infection.