Natural Flea and Tick Products

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Published: March 27, 2015
Natural Flea and Tick Products

What It Is

Although the word ‘natural’ does not have a legal definition, it is generally understood by the FDA to mean “nothing artificial or synthetic.” These ingredients may be used in a variety of formulations including oils, oral supplements, or powders.

Active Ingredients

Vary widely. Most commonly seen are: essential oils for dogs such as lavender, citrus, cedar, and lemongrass; environmental treatments such as diatomaceous earth and borate powders; oral garlic supplements; manual removal with a flea comb and regular vacuuming.

How it Works

Mechanisms vary widely. Make sure to discuss potential treatments with your veterinarian and use them only as directed.


Essential oils can be irritating to the skin, so use carefully. Essential oils should never be used on cats, who can experience toxicity when ingested through grooming. Check product for safety warnings about toxicity to people. Although some owners report good results in reducing flea burden with natural flea control products, pets with true flea allergies often require a prescription flea control.

Product Examples

Only Natural Pet

Image: Olga Miltsova / via Shutterstock

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