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Controlling Your Pet’s Eating Behavior


There are also feeding bowls that are designed to slow an animal’s eating speed. These bowls are often made with embedded pegs in the hollow of the bowl, so that the animal cannot grab large bites all at once. Other products are made to disperse the food slowly. A timed dish that allows specific amounts at a time; a compartmentalized dish that the animal must adjust to get to the small portions of food (such as sliding tops that can be moved with the paw or snout); or a ball that holds food but must be manipulated by the pet to release the contents from the ball.


As far as nutritional concerns, make sure to feed your pet a high-quality, highly digestible food so that you can be sure that his or her nutritional needs are being met.


And, as a matter of course, you should make sure that your pet is free from parasites. A regular good health visit with a veterinarian should turn up anything that should not be there, and if anything is found, it can be treated before it becomes a life threatening issue. In any case, if your pet is behaving in an aggressive way while eating and you have children or other pets in the home, you will need to protect them by setting aside a space where your pet can eat without feeling threatened and defensive.


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Image source: EraPhernalia / via Flickr