6 Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog

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6. Sheltie Step Up (Requires a step platform)

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  • Ask your dog to stand on your left side.


  • Stand with your feet parallel, about hip-width apart while holding the leash in your hands. 


  • Slowly step to place your right foot on the platform. Keep your torso upright, and align your knee over your second toe. Have your dog come with you.


  • Push off with your trailing (left) leg to raise your body onto the platform, placing that foot alongside. Have your dog follow, with front paws on the platform.


  • With the leash firmly guided by your left hand, slowly load the weight of your body into your leading (right) foot.


  • Step backwards to place the trailing (left) foot on the floor in its trailing position. 


  • Guide your dog and allow your body to lean slightly forward during the step-down movement.


  • Load your weight into your trailing (left) foot, and step off the platform with your leading (right) foot, returning to your starting position.


  • Repeat for the opposite side.


  • To progress, step up onto one leg only, and remain standing on a single leg before stepping back down. 


“This is a bonding exercise with your dog, while working on obedience,” Montgomery says. “It also provides benefits to you, including strengthening your inner thighs and toning your legs. Remember to praise your dog along the way.”



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