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Neck and Back Pain in Cats



Because the causes for neck and back pain are so varied, the treatment is determined according to the nature of the disease and the degree to which the spine's tissues are involved. Depending on your veterinarian's findings and the apparent indications for treatment, your cat may need to be hospitalized. Treatment will often call for medication, surgery, or both.


Some possible treatments include anti-inflammatory agents, such as corticosteroids, antibiotics, and chemotherapy. Surgery, however, is required in case of spinal trauma, paralysis, disc or vertebrae infection, and/or cancer located near the spinal cord.


Living and Management


Your cat will require plenty of home care. Make certain to follow your veterinarian's instructions regarding medications and follow-up evaluations. Keep track of progress, watching for signs of improvement or relapse, and report them to your veterinarian. Avoid physically moving your cat, and take steps to prevent your cat from being overly active or taking part in activities that can lead to over exertion, including exercise, until it is approved by your veterinarian.


Also, it is essential that you protect your cat from active children and from other pets in the home. A quiet, closed room, or cage rest, may be necessary for ensuring that your cat has a safe space to heal and recover from its injury.


Some cats can recover quickly from neck and back injuries, however, an injury to the spine can be very serious and long-lasting, even life-threatening, if not treated promptly and effectively.



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