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Top 3 Things You Should Know About the Bengal Cat

Meow Monday


It’s Monday and that means it’s cat time! Although, for many of us and our furry bundles of joy, it’s always cat time, but you know what we mean.


This week, we spotlight the elegant and gorgeous Bengal cat and the top three things you probably didn't know about the breed.


1. Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright.

If you were thinking the Bengal was a nifty cross between the domesticated house cat and the Bengal tiger of wild jungles, you’d be sadly mistaken.


The Bengal house cat is a cross between two kitties: the domesticated house cat (which should never hear you call them “domesticated”; we doubt they’d be pleased…) and the Asian Leopard cat. There is no tiger or leopard in them at all. Not even a little bit.


So if you were yearning for a mini tiger, then you’ll have to keep waiting until someone invents one.


2. Danger Zone

But perhaps you were hoping the Bengal cat still had a bit of a dangerous side, even though it lacks those ferocious tiger genes. Sorry, adventurers, the large Bengal cat is not dangerous at all,


They won't hunt down and eat your enemies, no matter how much you may wish for it (which you shouldn't, because it's not nice).


In fact, the Bengal kitty is adorable, friendly, social, and loaded with energy. Probably the only thing she’ll kill is a toy mouse or a pesky laser light dot aimed at the wall


3. New Kid On the Block

Relatively speaking, anyway. The Bengal cat has only graced us with its presence since the late 1880s (which is young for cat breeds), but you know its made up for lost time by slinking its way into many people’s lives and hearts.


It’s also modern and up to date with its exotic look (hey, you gotta compete with those Persians and the like). Her coat is covered with swirls, pots, and stripes. Just the thing for the modern cat looking to stand out in a crowd.



So there you have it. A few tidbits you probably didn't know about this fancy creature. Want to learn more? Go out and meet one.


Meow! It’s Monday.



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  • my Bengal cat
    01/09/2014 08:55pm

    I have a Bengal cat so I really liked reading this. It helped me to learn more about them. My kitty's name is Cozi, and I love him to pieces. thanks for this info! :)

  • thanks for the info
    12/31/2014 10:14pm

    I have a Bengal cat and I enjoyed reading this information. Also for those who are curios, there is a domestic cat that looks like a tiger: a toyger (although the toyger is purely domestic cat and has no wild blood whatsoever. It does look really cool though!) Another interesting cat breed is the cheetoh, a cross between a domestic cat and a Bengal, causing it to look like a cheetah.

  • Gorgeous Bengal cats
    10/13/2015 08:17am

    Generally speaking, the Bengal needs no more care than most cats. Proper food and veterinarian care will keep your cat in good health. Except for one thing: this cat needs out! Otherwise, it becomes fearful and goes wild. It also loves water and during the hot season will gladly splash and spatter in any pool it finds. http://cataristocrat.com/en/the-bengal/