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Seizures and Convulsions in Cats


It can be very upsetting to see your cat have a seizure. Fortunately a single seizure is usually of short duration, and your cat is unconscious while convulsing. Seizures happen when abnormal electrochemical activity occurs in the brain. They can occur as a single event, as a cluster of seizures over a short period, or on a recurring basis every few weeks or months.


What to Watch For


A seizure usually starts by the cat collapsing onto the ground, going stiff, and then going into convulsions -- uncontrolled muscle contractions, which may make your cat look like he’s jerking his body, paddling his feet, snapping his jaw, and similar movements. Your cat may even empty his bowels and bladder during the seizure. Typically, a seizure only lasts a minute or two.


Sometimes a cat will exhibit behavior changes shortly before a seizure (called an aura or pre-ictal behavior), such as pacing, circling, yowling or vomiting. After the seizure (post-ictal), your cat will be disoriented, may show temporary paralysis in one or more legs, seem blind, vomit, or show other behavior changes. These changes are usually short-lived, although it may take several days before your cat seems completely “normal” again.


Primary Cause


Most seizures in cats are the result of previous damage to the brain, from which the cat has recovered and often has no other symptoms. Some seizures seem to occur spontaneously with no discernible cause. These are both forms of epilepsy.


Immediate Care


When your cat has a seizure, your primary goal is to keep him from hurting himself. Most seizures last only a few minutes at most, which means he will probably be over the seizure before you can get him to your car, let alone your veterinarian. Even so, he should still be taken to the vet. You can do the following to help your cat:


  1. Remain calm.
  2. Remember your cat is unconscious and making uncontrolled movements, including snapping his jaw. Be very careful not to get bit or scratched.
  3. If possible, move your cat to a safe place, away from stairs, furniture, etc. Sometimes other animals in the house will attack a seizuring animal; they will certainly be curious or upset, so keep them away for everyone’s safety.
  4. When the seizure stops, your cat will be disoriented and may not recognize you. This could result in your cat attacking you or running away.
  5. If the seizure doesn’t stop, or he’s having cluster seizures, your cat needs to go to your veterinarian as soon as possible for treatment to stop the seizures.


Veterinary Care




If your cat is seizuring when you bring him in, he will be given injectable diazepam, or possibly phenobarbital, to stop the seizure before any examination. Diagnosis is primarily based on the information that you provide, plus direct observation of the seizure.


Most diagnostic tests are to determine the cause of the seizure. These would include blood and urine tests and possibly X-rays. Testing the cerebrospinal fluid or performing MRI imaging may also be recommended. Electroencephalograms (EEG) are rarely done.




If your cat seizures while at your veterinarian’s office, he will be given injectable diazepam or phenobarbital. If seizures are severe enough, general anesthesia may be needed. If something other than epilepsy is determined to be the cause of the seizure, that underlying cause will be treated.


A single seizure of less than 5 minutes duration that is determined to be epilepsy is usually not treated beyond stopping the initial seizure. Long-lasting seizures, cluster seizures, or seizures that recur every 2 months (or less) are usually treated long term or even life-long with anticonvulsants. The most common medication for this is phenobarbital. If this is not providing sufficient control, another medication, like diazepam or gabapentin, is added on to the treatment plan.


Other Causes


Hypoglycemia, kidney disease, liver disease, meningitis, tumors and various infections can all potentially cause seizures.


Living and Management


In most cases, if a cat has one seizure he is likely to have another eventually. However, not every cat that has recurring seizures will be put on long-term medication. Because of the stress on the liver that long term anticonvulsant use can cause, the medicine is usually not given to cats whose seizures are more than two months apart.


If your cat is on long-term medication, he will need regular checkups and blood tests to ensure the medications are not causing other health problems.




Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent your cat from developing epilepsy. And even if your cat has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is on medication, that may not completely eliminate seizures. Sometimes the best that can be done is to minimize their severity and try to limit them to a predictable schedule.


Image via Shutterstock

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  • 07/08/2012 10:12pm

    I found this information to be very useful. My cat suffered a seizure today and appears to have some memory loss. She's had about 3 in the last 4 months, but today's was the worst. It is definitely a horrifying experience for any pet owner to witness.

  • 09/12/2012 03:11pm

    Our cat developed seizures 9 months after we adopted her and she requires medication twice a day. Last night she had a breakthrough seizure her first in almost 10 months. It wasnt long but it kills us to watch her go through this. we love her very much and do everything possible to make sure she is happy and as healthy as she can be.We certainly know how you feel.

  • 10/17/2016 11:25am

    Hi Shirley

    We are having the same issues with our kitten who we adopted. She is also nine months old. How often were the seizures when your cat started experiencing them? Also, did the vet diagnose your cat with epilepsy or something else? Out vet is still in the process of examining and diagnosing, however, I would be grateful to hear about any assistance you can provide from your experience. Thanks for your assistance.


  • 10/17/2016 03:15pm

    Hi KS
    our cat was adopted at 9 months but didn't develope seizures until she was
    a little over 2. She was diagnosed with epilepsy by our vet and was placed on twice daily doses of Phenobarb. She still has "breakthrough seizures once every month or two but otherwise is happy and healthy in every other way. She is now 7. It is very frightening to see when they first start but eventually it becomes part of the new normal. Our goal has always been to keep her safe happy and healthy. Wouldn't trade her for anything. She gives us joy every day.
    Good luck with your pet

  • 10/17/2016 03:18pm

    Seizures were several times a day when they first started.
    She is now controlled by phenobarb although she still has breakthrough seizures about once a month. She was diagnosed with epilepsy by our vet.

  • 02/11/2017 07:14am

    For gentle natural care for the health of your pet, please check out Bonnie Illies website. http://bonnieillies.com/

  • 12/06/2014 08:08pm

    try putting cat on grain free food and treats, doing this helps tremendously with the seizures, they will still have them but not as often and no medicines needed. cats do not swallow their tongues. hope this helps

  • 08/11/2012 03:17am

    I know how you feel. My cat has had two seizures today and it is horrifying to watch. Thankfully they are not long but still it hurts me to see her going through that. I am also thankful for this information and now I have some idea of what is happening and what I can report to the vet. I hope your kitty is doing okay.

  • my 17 yr old had seizures
    08/13/2012 10:24pm

    I started giving my 17 yr old cat some "CATS MILK" by Whiskas, because she was a finicky eater. Then she had a seizure, and 2 the next week, so off to the vet we went. He did the usual tests, etc. and we got the usual meds. Then it got to be most every day. Then a vet expert told me they may be caused by gluten, soy, or casein, a protien in milk. We immediately stopped ALL milk, and the seizures stopped, but her general health had gone downhill in the 2 months since the first seizure, and in another month, we had to put her to sleep. I wish the milk hasd a warning, or that info was more readily available, so I'm posting it here, hope it helps someone.

  • 01/11/2014 03:54pm

    Thank you for this information. My wife had been giving our 18 year old cat a product called Cat-Sip for about the past two months because the cat is a picky eater and my wife wanted to supplement her diet. Cat-Sip is supposed to be lactose free real milk for pets. About a month ago, the cat began to have seizures, which were increasing in intensity and frequency. We did not make the connection and just assumed that she was at the end of her life. I found this post and we immediately stopped the Cat-Sip. The cat has returned to normal and the seizures have stopped. Thank you again.....it has probably saved her life.

  • 02/04/2014 02:23pm

    im so sorry your cat had to be put to sleep I cant believe there wasn't a warning on the milk... the company is to blame once again im so sorry about your cat:(

  • 05/19/2016 12:14pm

    Could it be there are impurities in these products rather than the product itself? Remember the times ingredients from China caused trouble for animals AND people? Perhaps you should notify the company of the issues your cat is having.

  • 10/30/2014 04:47am

    I read your comment and I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Thank you for posting the comment about Whiskas Cat milk. After reading your warning, I am throwing out the cat milk and never giving it to my cat again. Your comment helped me. Thank you SO MUCH.

    I started giving my 18 year old cat the whiskas cat milk 2 months ago. 2 weeks ago my cat started crying and became very vocal and upset, disoriented, walking around in circles and not toileting properly. I wondered if she was having seizures. She twitches and has episodes of heavy breathing with a fast heart rate, stops breathing and I think she might be having seizures. Does that sound like a seizure?

    She wanders around the house aimlessly. I don't now what to do. She needs to be watched constantly. Her bloodwork is all normal. She had diabetes but she is in remission and now she's suddenly unwell with what seems to be seizures.

    If anyone has any advice/suggestions, id be so thankful. I cant believe they don't list all ingredients on the whiskas cat milk!!

    How did you cat's health go downhill?

  • 10/30/2014 06:01am

    She was 17, and the seizures were very difficult for her and me. It took her longer and longer to recover, and I know they say it isn't painful, but she was not happy. Also, the meds, like phenobarbital, made her lethargic, and I couldn't get her to eat much, so she kept losing weight. We finally decided she had had enough, and we didn't think she was going to get better, so it was best for her to let her go, although I still miss her.
    It sounds like your cat isn't having a full on seizure, because it is very obvious when it happens, very spastic jerky movements, and all you or the cat can do is just wait for it to end. They seem to have no idea what is going on, as well as the other cats I have, and it takes a while before they can get up again and are very unsteady on their feet. But the meowing and disorientation sound like what happens before the seizure. As soon as we stopped the milk, she got better, but my husband accidentally gave her some cheese and they started all over again.
    I am praying for you and your cat, that ya'll will get through this and over it, and have many more happy days together.

  • 07/08/2015 08:43am

    Hi bluebee,

    I wondered if you had answers to your cats condition? My 20 yr old cat has just developed the same symptoms, disorientated, walking round in circles, not knowing where she is and calling out, walking around the sofa again and again until she's too tired to walk anymore. The vets have ran blood tests and there was nothing that answered the cause of what is happening, but have been unable to provide an answer.

    Reading the posts on here I am cutting out all dairy, wheat, grain and soy from her diet to see if that helps, but noticed that your symptoms were the same as my cat so wondered if you managed to get an answer or can help in any way?

    Other than the symptoms above, she doesn't seem in pain, its more nerologicial symptoms but I obviously want to help her in anyway I can.

    Many thanks

  • 12/06/2014 08:10pm

    it also has a lot to do with grains, cats have never eaten grain.(gluten)

  • Sudden seizures
    10/23/2012 10:21am

    My cat had a three seizures today and each of them lasted about less than a minute. It was a frightening experience for me because he was perfectly fine two hours before it happened. His appetite is still there but he vomits after eating his food. I sent him to the vet for an examination. They did some blood tests on him and found negative results for possible infection. I was wondering how vets detect any possible serious diseases like meningitis or tumors? I am getting a bit worry of my cat's well-being.

  • seizure treatment
    11/03/2012 08:06pm

    All my cat's tests came back negative, the vet said they could do more like x-rays, etc, but the treatment is the same, so save the $, they don't do EEGs or brain surgery on cats. Mine got phenobarbital, which made her drowsy, and something for vomiting. It's a very scary thing, I'll be praying for your strength and that your cat gets better. Also, try changing to food with NO milk, wheat, or soy. I hope this helps.

  • 04/25/2014 05:03am

    hi, I seen your post. I was wondering what food you put your cat on to help seizures ? my cat is 6 months old and has 3 a day. she will jump from a sleep run in circles and shake her head scares me so much. shes on med now but it doesn't seem to be helping . I would love for your advice .

  • food
    12/07/2012 02:33am

    i believe its food related somehow. im sure its a big part. food people feed to their cats these days is complete junk. filled with polluted soy + chemicals and fake vitamins that are slowly killing our pets. watch what you feed your cats and take them off grains asap. that means no sweet potatos and rice as well! do your research on healthy cat food. dont be blinded by nice commercials and packages and make sure that the product is made in usa.

  • 07/07/2014 07:15pm

    I too believe it is food related, i took in a stray cat 14 yrs ago an a day or two later it started fitting. i took it to the vet and they said basically she was a ferel cat and it was due to stress of being in a house and that she was about 6 yrs old already and not around the 6 months i had thought, she continued to have the odd fit, anyway i started looking on the internet about fitting cats and i kept coming across an ingredient called taurine that apprently helps cats that fit and is more so found in dry food rather than wet and so she was put onto tesco cat biscuits with the taurine and the fits did stop, this could have been as she begin to settle in the house. any way 14 years later shes still going strong but she did have a fit today after all these years, cant be stress now as there is no cat more settled or laid back, then it dawned on me two weeks ago my 19 yr old son did some shopping and came back with different more expensive cat biscuits because the box said for senior cats, when i looked at the box today they did not contain taurine, so it was straight back down for the tesco biscuits with taurine, and although a little dazed still she has not stopped eating her tesco biscuits, so fingers crossed normality will be resumed ...

  • 07/13/2014 08:17am

    update ... nearly a week now back on her tesco biscuits and no more fits

  • 08/24/2014 05:45am

    further update, still on cheap tesco biscuits containing taurine and still no more fits :)

  • 06/04/2016 05:06pm

    further update, still no seizure since the last one 2yrs ago,although we have now changed to Aldi cheap cat biscuits I now believe the cat may be immortal lol as she is now 22yrs old ... not bad for a ferrel stray that is only fed cheap biscuits....maybe less is really more

  • i agree
    02/06/2013 03:03am

    My kitty Ellie is two and a half years old.Last month she had her first seizure and not even 1 month later her second one.I took her to the vet had a fecal, blood draw done tests all negitive!She's a over all healthy cat but i think i might have gave her some human food that caused the seizures.I didn't realze how bad human food is to cats until i started reading up on it tonight!Avoid giving your cats any human food!I believe that's what started my kitty ellie/s seizures!

  • 02/06/2013 04:00pm

    Our cat has never had HUMAN FOOD so I can rule that out as a cause of her epilepsy. She is doing well on her Phenobarb but still occasionally has breakthrough seizures that break my heart. Fortunately her mental status clears very quickly now as compared to when she first developed the seizures.Good luck with your cat...we consider ourselves blessed to have ours in our lives.

  • 07/18/2014 04:28am

    We adopted our cat LaLa at 6 wks old. She never eats or has eaten human food. She is almost 4 now and developed seizures that we recognized about a year ago. We took her to the vets and all tests were normal. She was diagnosed with epilepsy. There is no reason for the seizures and she is on phenobarbital to control them. Our vet explained there is no cure for her seizures and all we can do is attempt to control them so that she only has one a month. We cannot leave her over night without having someone to keep an eye on her. It is something we just accept and learn to live with.

  • 08/27/2014 02:37am

    I have had my 3 cats since birth and then on May 21, 2012 Prince was sleeping peacefully on the cat tower and out of no where started having a seizure. My other 2 cats have never had seizures. I did take him to the vet for tests and they couldn't find answers but he was still having them about twice a month. Prince's vet doctor put him on Phenobarbital 1/4 grain. I give Prince a full tablet in the morning and a 1/2 tablet in the evening. His last seizure was November of 2013 when his vet doctor tried to lower his dose. Since we went back to full tablet in morning and 1/2 tablet in evening, he hasn't had another seizure as of August 26, 2014. About once a year we do lab work.

  • 08/14/2013 11:37am

    I have three cats of various ages. My oldest, who is 14, had a seizure this morning, right in front of me on the bed. His legs locked up and contorted in every possible direction and the look on his face was as if he was on another planet. It was like the feline version of The Exorcist. It lasted less than a minute, and the old man seems fine now. My youngest cat, who is only 2 1/2, watched the whole thing. It really freaked him out, but he's ok now. I know the Old Man has had health issues in the past, even long before I adopted him. I guess he's just getting to that age where these things can happen, but I sure as heck don't like watching him go through it. There's nothing you can do but try to love and comfort them through it, I suppose. Time to go check on him. Peace, animal lovers of Earth!

  • 08/31/2013 11:11pm

    Very useful. I was wondering why my cat would get really scared of my other cat right after a seizure. They love each other very much usually, so when he seemed like he thought she was going to kill him and he freaked out really bad, I was worried. But it seems that's normal for cats with seizures.

  • 09/01/2013 02:06am

    Yes, sometimes they don't understand what has happened, or why, and seem to think someone or something else has caused it. All you can do is try to keep them from injuring themselves and let them know you are there, trying to be calm and soothing to them.

  • 09/04/2013 10:11pm

    My cat had a seizure last night after I gave her a bath. She started digging into the wall after I was done drying her off, and after I pulled her away, she started having it. My mom came in and dealt with her and made sure she was alright, but she had some foam and water coming out of her mouth, so we think she might of swallowed some water down the wrong hole when I wasn't looking. It only lasted about 30 seconds but it felt like forever because I was in the other room crying, thinking I had killed my cat. But she came out of it, and shes fine now. Post-seizure, she was walking around confused, meowing very loudly. About an hour later, she was fine, acting like nothing happened. This is the first time I've ever had a cat that had a seizure, and I was wondering if her swallowing the soapy water could have anything to do with it? If not, I still wont ever give any animals a bath again. I couldn't handle killing an innocent animal...

  • 08/29/2014 12:36am

    I honestly do not intend to be mean: just pointing out what to someone like me (a vegetarian) is a glaring inconsistency in logic that is so ....glaring... that I feel compelled to comment on it:

    "I could never kill an innocent animal" Unless you are a vegetarian, then you pay people to kill innocent animals for you an a weekly or daily basis."

    The only diffenece between your beloved cat and a, say... rabbit or calf for example, is that you have personally emotionally bonded with your animal. But what does the rabbit or calf care if some human has bonded with it or not? It is getting murderd for profit and eating pleasure.

    I am not against hunting for survival. But if we can survive without killing then the killing becomes killing for PLEASURE.

    Anyways, I am sorry for your cat scare, I am feeling upset today because my beloved cat, who was just curled up on the couch sleeping peacfully jumped up out of that sleep running in circles eyes wide open and making a sneezing kind of jerking motion to one side.

    I had never seen a seisure before and thought my cat was dying in front of me. It fell off the couch and kept trying to run in circles I finally held the cat to stop it from moving to much and telling it I loved it and that eveything is ok. ( I wanted her last words to be heard on this world to be that I loved her)

    Then she stopped moving (I thought dead). I held my hand under her and felt that her heart was beating. She stood up and was breating fast. Her mouth was open and toung out and panting like a hot dog.

    That is now her new name, "Hot Dog" no just kidding.

    She then walked away from me to hide (again I thought to go and die) And I typed into google "my cat just had a siesure" and here I am.

    She was fine 15 minutes later and not, and now an a couple hours later, as if nothing had happened.

  • 08/31/2014 10:17am

    Sorry to say, but if I had a choice in the matter, I would never eat meat again.

    And that IS NOT what this conversation was about. It was about me crying my teenager eyes out because I thought I killed my cat.

    If you want to talk on the topic of vegetarianism, then lets go.

    I have extreme anemia. I bleed for long periods of time when I get cut. Getting punched lightly in the arm leads to a very large bruise that takes weeks to heal.

    Iron pills do NOT work for me, and no one knows why.

    If they did work, I wouldn't have any need to eat meat.

    But its a NECESSITY in my life. I don't like it at all, but its better than laying in a hospital bed 24/7, half-way to death.

    Please, stay on the current topic. There are other threads like this to talk about vegetarianism.

  • 09/14/2014 02:08am

    Why on earth would you condemn people when obviously they are here desperately trying to find answers for their sick pets like i am? Are you completely vacuous?

  • 10/23/2014 08:15am

    I sincerely sympathize with you Kitty Kat. I avoid meat as a general rule myself nowadays due to such feelings myself. However, like my Iroquois ancestors, I have an overall respect for ALL life in general. It does not matter whether we choose to eat say a carrot or a rabbit. WE humans are "consumers" in the food chain. We must KILL in order to live. We are NOT plants. We can't just stick our feet in our Mother Earth, stretch out our hands to the heavens, and create our own food. We are ALL killers. Whether our food may run from us and bleed red blood...or stand and face their deaths silently and bleed clear blood.

    Whichever choice we make, what matters most is that we HONOR that choice...and do not waste the blessing of life that has been given to us...and show gratitude for the lives, be they plant or animal...that we have taken to sustain us. I believe a part of the essence of all we consume becomes a lasting part of us. So if we aspire to give our lives meaning...we also give meaning to the lives that sustain us. I for one have given those lives meaning when I published my first major novel...for I have now made a true and lasting mark on the world...and through it hope to continue to inspire others to reach for their dreams and overcome their fears.

  • 21 Year Old Cat
    02/26/2014 05:07pm

    Hi there, we had a very loving 21 year old cat! Today her back legs went, then she started to walk into walls. So i did my best to calm her down by stroking her, she started to settle then suddenly she woke up turned her head (as if she saw a fly) then she fell to the floor and stated to have a fit. I had to then hold her down till it settled. I have got to say it was one of the worse things i have seen. Once she was calm i wrapped her up in a blanket and took her to the Vest. Once she was there she has hissing at the vet, which is unlike her. As she was a great age of 21 we had no choice but to put her down. If she was a few years younger we may of took her back to see if she could recover but i could not stand the thought of not being there if it happened again.

  • LaLa has seizures
    07/12/2014 11:54pm

    Our cat LaLa is almost 4 and was diagnosed with a seizure disorder last Oct. She had been having seizures for a yr or so but they were far and few between and we thought it was stress causing her to foam at the mouth (she has no convulsions early on. She then got worse and was having full blown convulsions. One of the worst things I have ever witnessed. She is on meds to control them and has been doing well. They have been limited to about 1 a month. Today she has refused to eat anything but a temptations treat. This is so abnormal as the med gives her a huge appetite and I had to limit her food intake. I am so upset and concerned that there is something seriously wrong and am just looking for some support at this point. It is not a pleasant trip to the vets as she has to be sedated to have her bloodwork done. Yes, she is THAT bad. My oldest son will be taking her there tonight. I cannot even witness the event, because i feel guilty that she thinks it is my fault she is there.... We adopted LaLa when she was 6 wks old, and she has been the princess of the house. I have also tried to change her food to an all natural food.....even when i do it very slowly; however she apparently has colitis and different food kicks that issue into play. She runs through the house and poos everywhere! I am falling apart and feel helpless. I just need to make a connection with others that are dealing with this same issue. I love her to death and we have 3 kids with the youngest being 12. He is not going to handle anything happening to LaLa. Thanks to anyone who can offer me some support through this site. I know no one that has had this issue with their cat. Thank you again.

  • 07/17/2014 06:08pm

    I feel the same way about my girl kitty cat, she's 15 yrs old and has seizures about every 2-6 months, I know what I do to keep my cat as calm as possible, I keep her large litter box immaculate and feed her only Wellness Core canned ocean fish, she loves it, no treats or grains of any kind, I give her supplements I got from an alternative vet and she has several comfy beds around the house. She is 15 yrs old and has had a lot of medical treatment for unrelated issues but she is very healthy and happy and adorable. Just keep trying I know the more thought you put into it the more you will notice a difference. Best of luck!

  • 07/18/2014 04:20am

    Thank you so much for your comment. I am going to look for the food that you give your cat. LaLa has been doing well and all test results came back "normal". Go figure. I do believe she decided that she no longer liked that particular food and I changed it up. It did not occur to me that that could happen; as she is a creature of habit. The vet put her on an appetite stimulant that also had a sedative side effect and so she was getting twice the effect because her phenobarbital makes her sleepy as well. I took her off the appetite stimulant in the morning and that afternoon she had a small seizure. I am hoping it was because of her coming off of the that medicine. For now she is comfortable and truly living a princess's life. I welcome all suggestions. (I am not sure LaLa will eat the food you suggest. She seems to want nothing to do with fish, but I am going to try),

  • 10/07/2016 05:35pm

    i do sympathize with you my little cat Tabatha, who i rescued some l3 years ago, and whom i quickly realized had a lactose intolerance, and frequently had to clean up vomit and diarrhea...was quickly taken of any dairy treats...anyway she has been alright till about 3 weeks ago when i discovered she was loosing a lot of weight, so took her to the vet, they did blood and urine tests, nothing too serious, just some protein deficiency in the blood, which later they would address, so they wanted to see an ultrasound of her stomach so i went to the animal hospital to get this done, nothing in the intestines but they did find a small swelling in her Lymph Nodes which needed a further bio, so i gave the go ahead...after 3 days sent results to my vet, and they called me in,,,said she would really need more tests to ascertain just what was causing the swelling in the Nodes...but on looking at her frail little body we decided that she would be just too weak to stand such tests also they had discovered a heart murmur which also would not withstand chemo which was concluded she would certainly need one way or another....so crying i said i would like to bring her home with meds to keep her comfortable till the end....well sadly 2 days later and after giving her lovingly fluids by injection under the skin to keep her hydrated and pills and dropper with water to keep her mouth moist...and after an uncomfortable last night with her up and down...and by the way she was having bad diarrhea...she started to convulse, twice, so in the wee hours i rushed her to emergency where we put her to sleep....well i was so sad and traumatized by her having the convulsions and feeling did she feel pain and guilty because if i had not been selfish and bringing her home to die and have a few more days, maybe this could have been avoided...and my vet has not called to help me with any advice, i found this page today, and it is greatly helping to see all the stories like mine and read about seizures and such....i want to say i feel for all going through what i went through...and share in all the tears....my sister in law sent a post from the rainbow gate site a memorial site with a lovely poem which i will try to post....made me cry....all my love to all here....god bless your pets...x

  • 10/07/2016 06:14pm

    here is a lovely poem....go to


    From the Rainbow Bridge web site a memorial site for pets.....

  • Any advice?
    07/30/2014 02:44am

    Hi i have a 12 yr old all indoor female cat. Yesterday was the first time i witnessed what i think may have been a seizure. She was walking to the back of the house and her hind legs were kinda of not working and almost were a little floppy. I thought at first there was something under her paw, and she was sliding on the hard wood floors. She then got to the area rug and either laid down or fell, im unclear what ine it was. Then she started making a cry that i have never heard before, wasnt a standard cat meow it wAs almost a deep moan. She was drooling and looked dazed. She then kinda stumbled into the closet, when she did that i noticed she lost control of her bowels. I called the vet and took her in, they said most likey it was a seizure. Her blood work came back good. Fast forward a day and she was on the bed, i heard the same notice and again she urinated on the bed, again in a daze. I called the vet and they put her on meds. They said to monitor her, and the next step would be neuro testing. Here's where im confused, all that i have read, pretty much describes the cat shakes during a seizure. What would your next step be? Should i do more testing?

  • 08/23/2014 10:30am

    Hi, I also have a 12 year old cat that started to have seizures yesterday! He had one after another. Back to back! I noticed your post is almost a month old, so you probably have already made a decision. With our cat, he is having too many seizures. So we have to make a decision. As for us, having him go through all those tests and taking meds , and given his age, we don't think this choice would be in his best interest.

  • 08/23/2014 09:34pm

    Hi Fierce,
    Im so sorry you are going through this. I know first hand how heartbreaking and stressful it is. After the second seizure my cat was put on Phenobarbital, and that made her loopy, and she just had a bad reaction to it. A week later she was taken off and as soon as that all exited her system she had another one. So they put her on a less harsh medication called kepra. The side effects are pretty minimal. it had been about 2 weeks so far on the new meds and so far no seizures. I wouldn't say that she is 100% but she is stable and doesn't appear to be in any pain. Luckily my vet has not tried putting me through the ringer like i hear other vets can do, so it has been very few testing, my process of elimination it appears to be a brain tumor and he referred me to a Neuro. Im not going to put my cat through an MRI so I am just taking it day by day. My life saver was justanswer.com It cost me $22 to speak via email with vet that specializes in conditions like hers. It was kind of like a second opinion with out stressing out my cat. I gave him blood work results and everything. Im sorry I probably aren't the most help. As long as she is not suffering I wanna keep her... could also be me being selfish. How many seizures has she had?

  • 08/23/2014 09:38pm

    Another thing... if you do go medication route and do Kepra, that is extremely bitter and makes the cats foam instantly. I went on thrivingpets.com and got empty capsules and I crush the pill and fill it. That way she can't taste it. It was $3 for 100 of them. Hope that helps. I got size #4 for my cat and the dose fits perfect.

  • 12/08/2015 01:38am

    Sugerpii, I know I'm writing this more than a year past your post, but what you described about your cat's "episode" sounds exactly what my cat is now going through now. He doesn't have a typical seizure with the uncontrollable movements, he just falls down, starts drooling and doesn't move - almost like he's paralyzed… and he does the same groaning noise. Then when he starts to come around, his eyes are glazed and he doesn't want any of us around him. His blood work came back with very high globulins (sp?) which the vet says are antibodies. He then tested positive for coronavirus.
    What was your cat's diagnosis was and what was used to treat it? I sincerely hope your cat is better. Any advice you could give me would be appreciated, because so far, your cat's symptoms match exactly what's been happening with mine.

  • 12/08/2015 03:45am

    The Fleet Family. I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. All Stars blood work came back perfect, her kidney, heart liver ect. In her case it was probably a brain tomur that was fast growing and aggressive. I have heard of cats that are diabetic having seizures as well. It's such a hard thing to go through and hear that sound I'm so sorry you are going through this. Unfortunately star didn't make it, we had a good fight for about a month, but she fell into a seizure she wasn't coming out of and I just knew it was time. For her seizure medications were so hard cause she didn't react well to them. In a previous comment I left a website that you can talk to a vet via email. I highly recommend that, it's like a second opinion. He was there even when my vet was closed, I gave him all her test results and he was a vet that specialized in neurology. It's always good to have a second opinion with out putting the animal through the stress of another vet visit. Sorry don't know how helpful that was. Hope your fur baby has a speedy recovery

  • 12/09/2015 01:48am

    Thank you for your reply, Sugerpii. I'm so sorry you lost your kitty. My cat is actually being tested for heart disease and high blood pressure now, which is the 2nd opinion I obtained. The first opinion was FIP virus, which left me no hope!! So I will wait for more test results, observe him closely, and just give him blood pressure meds for the next few days to see how he does. I wanted to urge others to obtain second opinions!

  • 10/18/2016 12:52am

    I wanted to give an update on my cat... after having his heart tested (no problems) and trying blood pressure meds for awhile, he continued to have more episodes, which in our case, seemed more like fainting spells instead of seizures. We did an ultrasound of his abdomen and after examining cells, determined that he had multiple myeloma. He was put on chemo pills and steroids and has been doing well. However, we have had to switch meds twice when his blood work started creeping up again. After starting chemo, he no longer had seizures so that's definitely what was causing his problems. We know we will eventually have to put him to sleep when the chemo no longer benefit him, but I wanted to let people know that cancer may be a cause of seizures.

  • seizures
    09/11/2014 03:11pm

    I have a 16 year old Persian. She was my husbands shadow. No matter where he was, either in our house or out on the property, she was always by his side. We have 4 other cats also but they just aren't as needy. My husband passed away last week. It has been about 9 days. Since then she has been in our bed most of the time. Yesterday she had a seizure. It didn't last long but she peed all over herself. She did seem disorientated for a time and it seemed her back legs were giving her problems. But later that evening she started eating and drinking her water. Could it be her age? Could it be that my husband is gone? My heart could not take losing her.

  • Possible seizures?
    09/11/2014 04:49pm

    I have a 15 yo male cat. This is the 2nd episode with this same type of reactions from him. He appears very dazed. Won't move around too much. His lower chin area seems to be swollen. He's salivating a little. This time he is meowing non-stop in this very loud, sad sounding meow. If I approach him, he will move away from me. He ate this morning just fine and did everything as normal and then this began about an hour later. I was not present and he was alone for a very short time so it was possible he had a seizure and it wasn't noticed. Just not sure what is happening to him but he is sounding like he is in pain right now. If this sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know. Thank you.

  • My cat is having seizures
    10/01/2014 07:07pm

    My 5-year old cat had a terrible seizure last night. It was so frightening. A few minutes afterwards, he was fine and purring in my arms. He's had at least 2 or 3 more since then, perhaps more. This is out of the blue; I have never seen this happen before. I have recently become permanently disabled and I'm trying to live on a fixed income of social security. Most months I can barely afford my own health care. I do not have any money to take my cat to the vet. I simply feel sick about it and it is breaking my heart. Shadow is a pure black cat who is very suspicious of people and not very affectionate except to me. I dont think he'd get readopted if I gave him up. I do give him plenty of food, warmth, love, and affection. He is an indoor cat only. Does anyone have any advice or wisdom you can pass on to me? I am petrified that I will wake up and find him dead in the apartment and feel I'll be scarred for life with guilt. I just dont know what to do but havent a penny to spare. Thank you in advance for your help. Aida

  • 12/15/2014 02:37pm

    Hello Aida I was touched by your comment about your beloved cat. First all is not lost I have a 11 year old cat who is my life she sleeps in my wife or my bed most nights usually under the duvet in my bed. She gets up very close in the morning or on my knee every night. Two months ago she started falling off the back of the sofa or the window sill or anywhere off the floor then taking short fits about every 4 days. On this site I read about Taurine in dry food and bought some which I give her along with her regular wet food. At first she kept on taking regular fits but I can say, fingers crossed she hasn,t had a fit for 17 days!!! Prior to her taking the fits I had been giving her bits of CHEESE which she loved. DONT under any circumstances do this also NO MILK. Hope this helps Alan

  • 10/08/2015 05:27pm

    Hi I am in the same position as you.

    My 4 Year old black cat started having seizures I *believe* last July. I came home one day and she was laying on my bed and I said Hi to her and she didnt even acknowledge me, so when I went to pet her I noticed she had the sheet in her mouth and a blank stare and her whiskers were twitching, I pried the sheet out of her mouth and noticed a HUGE drool stain, she came to her senses a few seconds later but that is when I first wondered if she had a seizure. Fast Forward a few months later, we are in the living room doing a puzzle and hear a loud crash in my daughters room, my husband runs upstairs and then yells for me and tells my daugher to stay out , my car is laying on the floor looking all twisted and not responding, she then urinated on the floor and again came to her senses, thats when we realized she did have a seizure. She has had several since then usually a month to two apart and almost always between 3 am and 6am , when there are no lights on and the house is quiet. She does it in my bedroom ( I think she is trying to get to me for comfort) and we are awakened by her nails scraping excessively accross the floor, I hold her gently so that she doesnt hit anything but not too much as I dont want to injure her, after the seizure she urinates and then lays there for a few minutes recovering, she then Meows like crazy for a few minutes rubbing against me and then she goes to her food dish and just inhales the food....sorry for the long story but I want to share so that anyone with a similar experience can compare theirs to ours.

    The problem is I have no money, we really struggle just to get by and I just cant take her to the vet right now, It doesnt seem like an infection because they are so spaced out, I wonder if it is epilepsy. Obviously only a vet can give her a diagnosis but I am just beside myself, she had the worst seizure today yet, and it took her a while to recover, I worried that she couldnt see and because her back leg was twitching for a little while and she didnt seem to be able to stand up which hasnt happened before. Right now we are just monitoring the seizures and if they get to where they affect her quality of life or she comes out of them being blind (and scared im sure) for any amount of time or they are just way to frequent we have decided that it would be in her best interest to put her down. If anyone has any homeopathic remedies we can try to help lessen the frequency or severity of the seizures please share with me, or if there are any organizations that assist with veterinary bills. Thanks in advance!!

  • 10/15/2015 03:52pm


    We have a similar situation as you do. Our cat is 4 years old (will be 5 in November) and started having seizures last September 2014. She's had a total of 13 in the past 13 months (that we know of), and 8 of those have been within the past 3 months. They seem to be getting more frequent. I'm taking her to our vet again tomorrow to see what the next step in her treatment is.

    There is a lot of good information online about feline seizures. Our vet said our cat has grand mal seizures, which includes violent tremors, loud noises, contorted body, loss of bladder/fecal control, etc. It takes her a bit to come back to her senses because she is disoriented (they can also become temporarily blinded) and then all she wants to do is roam the house from one room to the other and eat excessively (the after effects of the seizure). It usually takes her about 30 minutes to an hour to return to normal and the best thing we can do is just to leave her alone but talk to her in a soothing tone and monitor her from a distance to make sure she is okay.

    The best thing you can do when a seizure happens is to make sure the cat is not in danger from hitting its head or body against furniture, etc. or falling off of an object while seizing and just let it happen. The cat is usually unconscious during the seizure itself so it doesn't know what's going on but DO NOT ever reach down to try and hold the cat because you could get bitten. That actually happened to my husband last year and he ended up in the emergency room during the middle of the night and came home with a $2,000 medical bill!

    Also, the cat usually contorts its body during the seizure because of the muscles contracting, etc. and if it is being held down, there is a chance that it could break a bone or be injured in some other way.

    I am by no means a veterinarian but I saw your post and wanted to share our experience with you as a source of information. Please seek medical advice from your vet if the condition worsens or becomes more frequent. Good luck!

  • Cat having seizures
    10/16/2014 02:44am

    My daughter's cat Annie began having seizures during the mid summer. They were pretty violent and about 2 a day. Then, suddenly, they stopped.
    Tonight she called me and said while my grandson was petting Annie she began having a seizure. I don't understand why they are so many months apart. Because she goes in and out we thought she might have ate something ( the neighbor was spraying weed killer during the summer), but not now. I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Annie is a precious little black cat and we all love her. She's only a couple years old and I hate to see her go through all this. My daughter does not have a lot of money for tests.

  • my 3 yr old had another
    10/22/2014 10:34pm

    Reading these comments make me feel a little better. I live on my own and raised my baby boy, Whiskey (cat) so he's a huge mama's boy with me. When I lived with my parents, I witness his first episode and it scared me like nothing has ever scared me before. It's so heartbreaking to witness these. We have a family mutt & when I witnessed Chachi with his seizure one night, my dad ran to comfort him but I just covered my ears & shut my eyes and cried because it scared me so bad, now I have to deal with it on my own. My cat, Whiskey, has had around 2-3 episodes while we lived with my parents, I always blamed the cause for their house and our family cat, Buddy who is 14 years old. Buddy is now on life-long medications, kidney pills, joint medicine, and twice a week for fluids. Buddy & Whiskey always swap food bowls, so I kept thinking it was Buddy's food doing this to Whiskey. Well, yesterday, now that I moved out 7 months ago, I came home and saw an odd sight. Cat pee on the tile floor by the front door & Whiskey hiding in the laundry room. He quit hiding because now he knows it's me who comes home, but he stayed in hiding, and this odd behavior led me to believe he had a seizure while I was at work. Now I know it's not my parents house to blame or Buddy's food...but something more sinister. It breaks my heart knowing I can't do much for my baby boy. But if it still happens, I'll be there to hold his paw at the vet demanding answers. The vets told us with Chachi & Whiskey (both animals' tests came back positive) that all we can do is comfort them when it happens. It's just weird when I first adopted Whiskey in my previous apartment, we lived there for almost 2 years and nothing, when I moved out in January, his episode happened later that month. I wish I could retire & be a stay at home mom to my baby boy & just take care of him. (Ha-ha I know I sound weird but it's true, he's my baby)

  • 02/11/2017 07:20am

    For gentle natural care for the health of your pet, please check out Bonnie Illies website. http://bonnieillies.com/

    10/30/2014 04:56am

    I started giving my 18 year old cat the WHISKAS cat milk 2 months ago. 2 weeks ago my cat started crying and became very vocal and upset, disoriented, walking around in circles and not toileting properly. I wondered if she was having seizures. She twitches and has episodes of heavy breathing with a fast heart rate, stops breathing and I think she might be having seizures. Does that sound like a seizure?

    She wanders around the house aimlessly. I don't now what to do. She needs to be watched constantly. Her bloodwork is all normal. She had diabetes but she is in remission and now she's suddenly unwell with what seems to be seizures.

    If anyone has any advice/suggestions, id be so thankful. I cant believe they don't list all ingredients on the whiskas cat milk!! That is so wrong!

  • seizures in cats
    12/06/2014 08:05pm

    my cat had a seizure about 3 years a go and the first thing i did was put her on grain free food. no medicines as cats do not need it. with the grain free hard and soft food and grain free treats she has seizures maybe 1 every 3-4 months and not very big ones. hope this helps everyone else

  • 02/02/2017 05:03am

    Thank you! Hypoallergenic perhaps...

  • Seizures in a cat
    12/13/2014 11:32am

    Our cat Bella started having pchymotor seizures about 3 weeks ago. We would wake up to her running around the house and urine on the floor. We finally saw the start of the seizure and were to see what was happening. Off to the vet we went again. We first thought it was urinary because of the urine found on the floor but when we finally saw it start we knew it was a seizure. She froths consul she's and runs around hitting everything. She also accidentally has pulled out 8 of her back claws during the running part. She is now on meds and went 9 days seizure free which is better than daily. It does tKe 2 weeks for the meds to build up in her system but we are certainly seeing improvement. We are hopefully the meds will reduce the occurrence. She still needs to have her back paws heal up and our fear is she will run into a wall or window and really injury herself. She was a rescue and such a sweet girl. The vet did say she was in the right age range for these

  • Comfort for Seizing Cat?
    12/30/2014 11:05am

    My question -- how to comfort/treat a cat having a seizure? I've noted the previous comments about including taurine, eliminating grains/milk/soy from feed, and keeping in a safe pace during a seizure. My cat (~2 yo) just had what I believe was a seizure (her first), and like others have said it was scary. I closed my cat in the washroom with towels on the floor and away from the other pets. The litter box is in there as well as her water bowl. I wanted to just hold her and comfort her, but didn't know if she would try to attack in her disoriented state of mind (she would probably think she was defending herself). I was even hesitant to try to pick her up; she can be like quicksilver. So after isolating her in the washroom, I came to the internet to look for help and found all this info. By the cat sounds I've heard while reading this page, she may have gone through a series of short seizures. From the comments I have read here, I'm afraid it may not be her last. From you who have gone through this before, I would appreciate any suggestions on what to do for the cat DURING the seizure that might help her. Thanks.

  • 04/10/2015 07:50pm

    My vet told me that you should be very quiet/ remain calm when a cat is having a seizure and turn off any unnecessary noise (TV etc). Also it helps to not touch or comfort them when in the seizure as it may scare them, it helps to dim the lights too as apparently if the light is too bright it again scares them.

  • Food and seizures
    01/14/2015 01:32am

    I decided to change my cats dry food for something different. I bought "Good life" indoor chicken. My cat ate a lot of it. The same evening , maybe an hr after he had a seizure. Than another and another. They were coming every day. Not sure how many times, during the day I was at work. But I could tell he had it , wet butt. And foam on the floor. The thing what came to my mind was the food. I throw it out right away. Went to the vet and after arguing with she gave me Phenobarbital . First seizure was on Thursday night. Last one on Sunday morning. That Sunday we went to see the vet. So far so good. Now he is playing fetch with me.I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    02/10/2015 09:06am


  • 10/13/2015 07:56pm

    I am so sorry for you. We lost our beautiful Disney (7years old) 2 weeks ago. a few days before he died he walked around mewing which was out of character, but he purred when picked up and was eating well. we thought maybe a fox or dog had been in the garden and unsettled him so we left it and decided to keep an eye. 3 days later I came home from work to hear dreadful yowling before I got the door open, my other cat looked terrified, and poor Disney was fitting running in circles, eyes wild, foaming at the mouth, scratching the walls and finally hid up under the stairs, still making a dreadful noise, it was SO UPSETTING, this was my baby, I could turn him upside down, kiss his tummy, hang him round my neck, he was totally the apple of my eye. I managed to get him into a dog cage so he could lie out, (by now he was limp in my arms. We got to the vet and sadly he died before they could treat him, we are still in such shock, its a total bereavement. His brother died at 3 years old from an embellism (a blood clot) so I guess its like a stroke, I have since found out that his dad also died of a seizure. The vet initially said maybe anti-freeze poisoning, but on hearing the family problems thinks it was an inherited condition to do with blood clots. He also said that even if we had got the cat to him days before they would not have been able to do anything to save him so maybe it was the same for you, I keep thinking if only I had done this or that but my vet assures me that this was un foreseeable and that if he had owned Disney the same thing would have happened, so we cant always think "IF ONLY". I am totally gutted to have lost 2 such lovely boys under the age of 8, we have old POP left, he is lovely but feral and we cant cuddle him, but we still love him. Maybe your little cat had an inherited condition which you could not have known of, I know you and we gave our all and these animals had good loving homes and we have to hold onto that.
    Take Care

  • My cat and his seizure
    04/10/2015 07:37pm

    My cat is now 18 years old and unfortunately had his first seizure last September. I remember seeing his legs bend in all directions that I didn't think was possible and ever since he has had spasms in one front leg which leaves him hopping around quite a bit. I noticed that whenever his leg spasms, his head seems to bow down and curl underneath to almost hide or stop his leg from doing this; I was wondering if this is normal? I just don't want him to be in any pain as he constantly falls over from this and stays down for a few seconds before recovering himself. Luckily, he has not had anymore seizures since. His brother had to be put down a couple years ago from liver failure and ever since he has been crying downstairs every night (as he is a house cat) and it's so loud that it seems to have made him partially deaf. Before the crying episodes when I called his name he would come running over almost immediately but now he doesn't seem to hear me unless I raise my voice quite a bit which is very upsetting even though he is very old. Also, when I took my cat to the vets after the seizure, my vet told me the best thing I can do if this happens again is to stay very quiet, turn any loud noises off (TV etc), dim the lights and also to not touch or comfort my cat whilst the seizure happens as apparently this can scare them and cause them to react more aggressively in the fit. I hope this helps to anyone.

  • My cat had a seizure toda
    03/01/2016 05:34pm

    She is about 17 years old. She was running just before she had a seizure. To me because she wanted to eat milk from my cereal. All of a sudden i see her fall over and she is crying and cant get up. I went to pick her up and held her for 5 min. As soon as she was in my arms i didnt feel anything weird and she just laid there. After she was fine. Soo..... i was reading about the food. and in particular the Whiskas. I just started giving my cat Whiskas wet food.I give them one serving of wetfood in the morning. Well usually i give Friskies but i just changed a few days ago and now I see the seizures. Im going to take her off grain and wheat. I know all about GMO's and the crap they make food with. i try not to buy anything made in the USA becasuse 90% of corn and soy c rops are made with frankenfood gmo's that are killing us and our cats. So now Im off to go look for grain free food for my cat. ugh makes me crazy that they are poisoning us and we dont know anything about it ;.
    Dont use whiskas seems to be a problem with their food

  • Seizueres and winter
    01/08/2017 05:34pm

    Last year, around this period my cats started to have partial seizure (the vet suspect FHS); after he started the phenobarbitol his symptoms improved dramatically until recently. My cat is now having small and controllable seizures but more frequents than usual. I was wondering the winter period could be a factor that can affect the frequency and/or their intensities?

  • Young Kitten
    01/31/2017 06:28am

    Hi I have a 3 month old who started @ 4-5 weeks :( have no idea
    was reading sometimes they can grow out of it ? Has anyone heard of this?
    She has come along way on Pheno twice daily...I try to keep her conscious if not clusters will continue, need to snap her out of it quickly we work on that. Had a few gran mals she will deficate it lasts only seconds, she will purr then stop through a cluster then return to purring, when little I took her to work everywhere snuck her in restraraunts malls etc to monitor her, food types did make a little difference. Never salt or milk. Learning about triggers trying to over come...still doing tests on her. When awakening that's the most common most challenging little clusters..Read a vet said administer pressure on lip on gums below left nostril when looking at her straight on, it seems to pull them out of it helpful when you sense something stronger is approaching.On lip right below nose left hand side. Sadly she is special needs this has effected her vision she cannot see depth therefore unable to jump or climb. It's very hard when needing to make decisions about quality of life. She's a lovely kitten very content not in any pain. Try hard to be very low stress while we work on her...so sorry to read so many experiencing the same...this was also healthiest kitten in litter so possibly squished by
    mother when young hard to say...

  • Animal Intuitive & Healer
    02/11/2017 07:17am

    For gentle natural care for the health of your pet, please check out Bonnie Illies website. http://bonnieillies.com/

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