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Abdominal Cavity Inflammation in Cats




Cats with peritonitis should be hospitalized in the intensive care unit for fluid and electrolyte therapy. Your pet's diet will need to be changed to a low-sodium diet if an underlying heart disease is detected. If the cat is in need of nutritional support, a feeding tube can be placed directly into the digestive tract, or feedings can be administered by injection (parenteral). Once the cat has been stablized, your veterinarian will begin to prescribe and administer medication.


If your cat has a bacterial or chemical peritonitis, surgery will be required to resolve the condition. These are serious conditions, and many animals may die despite having surgical treatment. Bloodwork will be repeated every one to two days, or as your doctor deems necessary, while your cat is in the intensive care unit.


Living and Management


If your cat needs to undergo surgery, or if it needs time to heal from a trauma to the abdomen, allow it a quiet and safe space to recover, away from active children and other pets. During recovery, your pet will need to be given a diet that will not place stress on the abdomen.


Ask your veterinarian for advice on dietary changes you may need to make for your cat, and whether the changes need to be made for a short duration, or for the lifetime of your pet.



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