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5 Fun Facts About the Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is the dog breed so nice they named it twice. But even if you think you're a Chow Chow expert, these five fun facts about this curious breed should keep you entertained.


1. Purple People Eater?

Although the Chow is no way related to the blue-tongued lizard (or the Minnesota Vikings defensive line), it does have a blue-black/purple tongue. In fact, it’s the only dog breed to have a purplish tongue and lips. Perhaps the Chow was the world’s first Goth?!?


2. Distinctive Looks

Blue tongue and lips aren’t the only thing unique to the Chow Chow. Did you know that the blue-coated Chow usually has a blue or gray nose? You see, even dogs see the importance in matching!


The Chow also has a lovely thick mane with small, rounded ears, thus giving it the appearance of a small, cuddly lion. And one would be remiss to overlook a Chow's curly tail, which it carries on its back when walking. Speaking of walking, its back legs are straight as an arrow, which give it a stilted trot.


3. Old Money

This dog has been around for a long time. Originating in China some 4,000 years ago, the Chow is thought to be one of the oldest dog breeds. (You'd think they'd learn to use chopsticks by now.) Some experts even believe the Chow to be one of the first breeds to have evolved from the wolf. They don’t, however, howl at the moon. That’d be just silly.


4. The "Arnold Schwarzenegger" of Dogs

No, the Chow is most definitely not a bodybuilding dog. And, as far as we know, Chows have no inclinations to seek a career in politics. The Chow, however, does share a similar state of mind with Arnie of Austria.


If a strong-willed Chow is not paired with a dominant master, it'll do whatever it pleases and run amok (let's hope we don't have another Gremlins sequel on our hands). Some people think Chows are beyond training, but these people aren't as well read as your typical PetMD user.


Sure, Chows may be a little stubborn, but these herding dogs are also capable of completing tasks intelligently. Just make sure you train them young, socialize them young, and you enforce all house rules. Remember, you're the boss.


5. Foot Fetish

That’s right. The Chow has a fetish ... a foot fetish. The Chow is the perfect foot warmer on a cold winter day (they’re also great if you have a stingy landlord who doesn’t like to put the heat on). This is because Chows love to sit on your feet and kiss them. Just make sure all this lavish attention doesn't go unnoticed. Feed your Chows well and clean your feet. It's only polite.


So there you have it, five fun facts about the lovely Chow.



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  • False facts and opinions
    08/05/2014 10:49pm

    First off, please edit or rumor the first so called fact because it's completely untrue. Any dog can have dark pigment on their tongues ranging from blue to black or even a purple look. It's just that Chow Chows are more prone to having a dark colored tongue. There are however well over two dozen other breeds that are more prone to it than other breeds so a Chow Chow is not even close to being the only dog with a dark colored tongue and unfortunately because of posts like this people think it's true.

    Also, most of what was said here is nothing more than an opinion. You shouldn't tell people something is a fact when it isn't because that's how ignorance is spread from one person to another because it gets told over and over again and by the time someone says "that's not true" or "that isn't a fact", too many people have been told otherwise that no one believes the person who's actually right (like the most likely more ignorant dog statement of all - that Pitbulls were created, born and bred, to attack or fight).

    Some Chow Chows might love meet but it's not a fact, or even close to one. You're going to get people's hopes up that their dog will sleep on their feet and come to find their Chow Chow never so much as sniffs the person's foot. Also, you say if a Chow Chow isn't placed with a strong dominant owner it will go crazy - again, opinion. Although some dog breeds /often/ require a more experienced trainer, it all depends on the individual dog itself. So again you might have someone pass up on a Chow Chow in a shelter thinking "I was told it needs an experienced owner" and really that Chow Chow is the most laid back, easy to train, dog in the world and now it's left in the shelter. Or you get an experienced trainer wanting a "difficult to train, challenge" breed/dog, they get a Chow Chow and again that Chow Chow is extremely easy to train and the person becomes bored and abandons it in the shelter to find a dog that actually fits their needs.

    Please, if you're going to post things and call them facts, make sure they're facts. Include the dog's history, things about the original Chow Chows, important people in history who have owned them, where they were originally created and from what dogs, any famous Chow Chows from the past or present, what AKC expects of the breed, etc., but if you're going to write things that are "common" in some Chow Chows, make sure you let people know it's nothing more than a personal opinion or mention that "most Chow Chows" but don't say "the Chow Chow breed" or "all Chow Chows" or even "Chow Chows".

    If you're looking for actual facts and information on the Chow Chow breed please visit my blog at "thebullydogblog.tumblr.com" and then click the link in the description, find Chow Chow, click, enjoy!!