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Corneal Disease (Inherited) in Dogs




If your dog has corneal ulcers, they will treated with antibiotic eye medications. Stromal corneal dystrophy usually does not require treatment. Endothelial corneal dystrophy may be treated by using contact lenses over your dog's eyes. Epithelial corneal tags may be removed, if present. Another possible treatment for endothelial corneal dystrophy is flap surgery of the conjunctiva (the lining of the eyeball and the back surface of the lids). While a corneal transplant may be beneficial, results are inconsistent.


Living and Management


Your dog will probably always have some cloudiness to its eyes, even when treatment has been successful. However, if you notice that your dog’s seems to be in pain because of its eyes (e.g., blinking, watering of the eyes) contact your veterinarian, as ulcers may be developing on the cornea. This is prevalent with endothelial and epithelial corneal dystrophy. It is possible that your dog’s vision will remain normal despite corneal dystrophy.



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