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8 Tips For Caring For Your Pet This Winter


5. Frosty the Biting Snowman

We’re not talking about the latest horror movie offering from Hollywood. Frosting is a serious problem during winter, especially for paws, tips of tails, and ears. This makes it even more important in keeping your pet warm, especially if they’re an outdoor pet. Get special booties, coats, and maybe a hat for your pet during her walks, and look for early warning signs of frostbite such as firm, waxy skin and blisters.


6. The Deadly Drink

The worst of all the wintertime chemical spills is antifreeze, which often leaks from a car's radiator. It may taste delicious to your cats or dogs, but it is extremely deadly -- even the smallest sip can be fatal. If your pet starts acting "drunk" or begins to convulse, take him to the vet immediately. Better yet, keep all pets away from the garage and clean up any accidental spillage. You should also not let your dog wander too far during his walks. Who knows what dangers lie in your neighbors' driveways?


7. Salty Solution

Do you live in an area with cold and icy winters? Then you are probably accustomed to salt on the sidewalks and roads. However, the types of salt (typically calcium or sodium chloride) used to melt ice and snow and keep it from refreezing are somewhat harsh on delicate paws -- not to mention they corrode concrete and damage the beautiful vegetation. Protect your pet's paws, and keep him warm during walks, by outfitting him with booties.


8. Joy Ride

Cars are particularly attractive to animals in the winter-time, especially frigid cats that love to climb up under the hood and curl up on the warm motor. This, as you can imagine, has led to many mishaps when motorists start their car … ouch! Avoid such accidents by tapping your car's hood before starting the vehicle. Sure, you may wake Kitty from her deep slumber, but she'll thank you in the long run.


Wintering with your pet is mostly common sense. If you’re cold, your beloved pet will most likely be cold too. So snuggle up, keep your pet warm and safe, and sooner than you can say "Jack Russell," we’ll all be hitting the beaches for some summertime fun.


Image: Hawkins / via Flickr



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  • Fur Coat
    12/08/2014 10:37pm

    These are some great tips! I never really thought about changing my routine with my dog during the winter. He's a husky so he does pretty well in the cold (in fact, he loves it), but I can see that there are certain things I could be doing to make it more comfortable for him. I like that you pointed out if it is too cold to wear just a fur coat, you should assume that it's too cold for your dog to be outside. I never thought of it that way! http://www.advancedanimalcareoh.com

  • Winter coat
    12/14/2014 04:43pm

    Useful tips! My Chihuahua loves to play with me outside regardless of the weather condition. You guessed right. He shivered in the cold weather at our first attempt. After searching for it I found the perfect winter coat for him. I would strongly recommend to get a jacket for your puppy to keep him warm in the cold weather.

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