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Vitamin A Deficiency in Birds



The diet of the bird should be carefully evaluated for the body's vitamin A percentage and its precursor. Evaluation of vitamin A precursors (such as Beta-carotene) is important, as the bird’s body will covert it into vitamin A.


Food rich in vitamin A and vitamin A precursors include fruits like cantaloupe and papaya, vegetables like chili peppers, leaves of broccoli, turnip and flowers, sweet potato, carrots, beetroot, spinach, dandelion, collards, endive, egg yolks, butter and liver.


A well-balanced diet can also ensure your bird does not acquire a vitamin A deficiency.


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  • NO butter for parrots pls
    08/30/2015 05:30pm

    Kudos for highlighting the prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency in companion parrots. However, recommended food sources of Vitamin A for pet birds should NOT include butter! Parrots are susceptible to heart disease so feeding them a tablespoon of butter meeting at most 10% of Vitamin A need in their entire day's caloric need is certainly detrimental. In addition, brightly colored (orange, yellow, red) vegetables are MUCH higher in Vitamin A precursors and other nutrients than any fruit. Commonly eaten fruits such as apples, bananas and grapes contain no more Vitamin A than seed. Ideally pet parrots should be taught to accept a pelleted/formulated diet augmented with vegetables and other healthy table foods. Please have bird related articles reviewed by an AVIAN Veterinarian.