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Our canine companions use their sense of taste in combination with their other senses to explore the world around them. Sometimes it seems like dogs will eat anything, from garbage and fecal matter to undigestible items like toys and fabric. And other times dogs may be very picky about their food.… read more

You may know the look—you come home after petting another cat and are greeted with the “evil eye” from your feline companion. Your cat seems to know you’ve been around another animal, and it seems to you that they might be envious. But can cats really get jealous? If so, how do they show it and… read more

Laughter, by definition, is a physiological response to humor. Dogs can be playful, but do they understand humor and laughing at funny things? Do they have their own version of laughter? What do they think when humans laugh? Do Dogs Laugh? Dogs do laugh; however, it is not the same way humans do.… read more

If your cat has not eaten in 24-48 hours, is vomiting, has diarrhea, or is lethargic, seek veterinary care right away. If your feline friend isn’t eating as much as they usually do, or they are not eating at all (anorexia), this is often a sign that they’re not feeling well. Occasionally, cats will… read more

Humping is a common term for what veterinarians call mounting behavior. This is when a dog puts their front legs around another dog, and then thrusts their pelvis repeatedly (the humping motion). The mounting behavior can be directed towards the hind end of another dog, or sometimes the other dog’s… read more

You’re taking your dog for a walk, and you decide to stop at the dog park and let your Golden Retriever play with other dogs. Then you see her humping another dog. You might have thought that only male dogs do this and that it had to do with hormones. So why do female dogs hump, too? Is It Normal… read more

Why did my dog just eat that? As a dog parent, you’ve probably asked this question at some point, whether your dog ate a stick, a rock, or dirt. Consuming objects that are not food-related is an eating disorder called pica. A form of pica called geophagia causes dogs to purposely eat dirt or mud.… read more

Depression, as we know it in people, is a mood disorder that causes feelings of persistent sadness and worthlessness. It’s often linked with a loss of interest in normal activities. Depression is more than just a bout of the blues, temporary sadness, or grief, though those feelings can all play a… read more

If you have a dog, you’ve probably seen that endearing look—the relaxed face, soft eyes, and wide grin. It’s hard to believe that your dog isn’t smiling at you, but do dogs smile like we do? If so, why? Can Dogs Really Smile? Most behaviorists don’t really consider a dog “smiling” to be a true grin… read more

Humans and dogs alike can suffer from hiccups. While dog or puppy hiccups can be endearing to us, they can be annoying for your dog. Here’s some insight on dog hiccups, from what exactly happens when a dog hiccups to why dogs get them and when you should be worried about them. What Are Dog and… read more