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Issue 66 | 06/29/12

Keeping the 4th Free of Emergencies

In the excitement of planning for the party — the menu, the guest-list, the fireworks — we may forget that our pets don’t see the July 4th holiday and all its bombastic glory in as positive a light as we do. They don’t realize that the explosive sounds and lights are manufactured and nothing to be afraid of, and they often will try to escape the frightening spectacle, ending with them injured or in a shelter.

Let’s commit this year to making sure that our pets will not suffer panic due to this otherwise festive holiday. Dr. Huston has some anxiety reducing tips for cat owners; Dr. Mahaney has a plan for creating a physical state that will induce calmness; and Dr. Lee, our resident poison expert, covers the potential toxins that can get into our pets. Once you have covered your bases, you can feel free from worry and enjoy the "Bombs Bursting in Air"!


Ethanol Poisoning

Alcohol, even beer, is poisonous to dogs. Never leave alcoholic beverages where pets can reach them, and watch for signs of poisoning, such as depression and difficulty breathing.


Always a concern during the hot summer months, dehydration occurs when excessive body fluid is lost. Learn when it is critical to call your veterinarian during this emergency.

Uggie Gets Star Treatment

Hollywood declared the 25th of June "Uggie Day" and immortalized Uggie's name in history by imprinting his paws in cement for the Walk of Fame.


American Foxhound

Descended from hounds brought to America in the 1600s, the American Foxhound gained much recognition by the mid 1700s, as George Washington was known to have one.

Fireworks and Dogs Don't Mix

4th of July is a festive holiday that, unfortunately for your dog, is often marked by loud, vibrant displays of fireworks. Read on for ways to help your pet through the holiday.

American Shorthair

Known for its calm, docile nature, the American Shorthair is one of America’s very own cat breeds, having come to the States with early European settlers as a working cat.


Disaster Preparedness

Every region has its own types of natural disasters to deal with. Whether it’s fire, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, or floods, are you prepared for an emergency?

4th of July dangers

As July 4th approaches, keep in mind that this holiday poses some potential dangers to our four-legged friends. So, what are the biggest pet dangers on July 4th?

Fountain of Youth

Imagine: You are at your puppy's second vaccination visit when your veterinarian says, "I have found a way for you to help your dog live 15 percent longer!"

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