Young-williams animal center

3201 division street
Knoxville, TN 37919
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Young Williams

    by: horse2223

    I am a volunteer at Y.W.A.C the people are great with dogs but can be rude with people! Don't let you have much contact with dogs but can hold and play with cats and small animals.


    Seem to have good dogs, Have lots of good volunteers and staff


    Staff can be rude.

  • 2. Good Shelter

    by: dawntn

    Because this is a city/county shelter the do take in all dogs and few pass the temperment test. I had to turn in a dog do to my neighbors seeing the dog hurt another one of my own dogs. The dog was not evaluated in any way just put to sleep in less than 30 minutes. No second thoughts.\nI still wish I could have taken her to my vet to be checked and then if needed put down. \n\nI do not feel they are prepared to deal with a dog who may take a few minutes to handle. At a recent free spayed clinic I was provided NO information until the LAST minute and the vet was rather short with me so I decided to wait.\n\nThey are doing a lot to make sure homes are forever by offering classes and dog training.


    Very Clean, good health dogs adopted


    HIGH kill rate

  • 3. Best care possible

    by: danaxanthus

    They received fundung for the next 5 years to help spay or neuter your pet & give all vaccianations & deworm & microchip for free. This is not income based so it is for anyone. They have a mobile clinic called the Spay Shuttle and the staff is really friendly & knowledgeable.


    They received funding for free care