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  • 1. Careful with my biter

    by: Snugglebug001

    While visiting my folks in Georiga at Christmas my newly acquired Jack Russell Terrier, Abby became jealous and ran up to snap at my mom's little terrier and as I was laying down I tried to sit up between them... unfortunately, I got bit on the lip (pretty ugly) and she had ripped apart some of my upper lip. It wasn't her fault at all. I'm a responisble pet parent and it was my own stupid unthought through choice to sit up in between the two dogs. Abby usually does this thing where she runs up & snaps then retreats... she didn't know I was going to sit up and come forward myself. Well the hospital had to report the dog bite, even if it's my own dog & my own fault. And since Abby's afraid of men (she was abused) I had to find a lady vet to clear her for the county and vouch for her mental health... The Dr. we saw that day was very understandable & the staff couldn't believe she bit me... they were great & thanks to them Abby was great too!


    They were very understanding



  • 2. Caring animal care

    by: Spacecoast

    I have been taking my pets here for a long time. I even saw a cat I didn't know get hit by a driver who left and we picked it up and took it in. It was cared for and we weren't even charged. I have taken my cats and dogs here and they are always very caring and scheduale the pets so you don't have to wait a long time. They always seem to put the animals first. It's great to have a caring vet in town.


    care about the pets we bring to see them


    can't think of any