York county spca

66 big mount rd.
Thomasville , PA 17364

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Great facility-moved to new location near Emigsville

    by: ktsmom

    Just started Sunday hours by appointment, which is convenient


    Clean, airy cat rooms


    none at moment

  • 2. Very nice shelter

    by: barney99

    I have visited the York County SPCA before to donate some dog supplies. i was surprised at how clean the place was and there are so many volunteers everywhere you look. It's sad to see these poor cats and dogs in there, but they all seemed well taken care of. If I could I would adopt every animal out of there.


    Very clean, well kept


    it's sad! it's a shelter

  • 3. Great Shelter...

    by: PattyWink08

    The York County SPCA is a GREAT shelter. We rescued our dog Angel from them before the new facility was done. They staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions I had. We are supports of the York County SPCA.


    Help save animals


    None i can think of

  • 4. Great Place, New Facility!

    by: musclecarman

    We drive by here all the time. We stopped in one day to visit and everyone was very nice to us. We didnt end up adopting (we already have a lot of animals) but did like talking to everyone there.\r\n\r\nThe place was really clean and well organized. The people working there seemed really knowledgeable.\r\n\r\nWhen we (girlfriend and me) are ready to get a dog we will definately adopt from them.


    Great Place, Clean,



  • 5. Very knowledgable staff!

    by: elmoloveshisgoldfish

    I visited this shelter not long ago. I was very impressed on the cleanliness of the place. I was impressed how helpfull and knowledgable the staff were. I liked the fact that they do everything possible to make sure the right pet goes to the right home. I like that they have a little store available in case their is something you need that you forgot about when you get your pet. The location is great. I love the cat rooms. I liked seeing some of the cats were not in cages they were lounging on the couch like a cat should be. They didn't have what I was looking for but, I'm not sure that's a bad thing.


    Very clean, knowlegable staff, nice location


    I can't think of any

  • 6. Great Shelter

    by: wirenth

    I adopted an elderly pit bull from the YCSPCA last spring, and it was a terrific experience. The new facility is very nice and clean. The staff was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They take special measures when evaluating potential pit bull adopters, which I very much appreciate. They all seemed genuinely fond of the dog I adopted, which is a small thing, but meant a ton to me. I got a great dog, and would certainly adopt from them again.


    nice staff, great facility, flexible


    no follow up

  • 7. New Shelter

    by: jaa5600

    The facility is very nice and clean. One of the most clean shelters I have been in. \r\nWe adopted our 2 beagle mixes there back in June. \r\nWe decided to get both because we did not want to separate them. \r\nThe staff is knowledge, nice, and loving. \r\nThere adoption fees are reasonable, it includes the dog (of course) spay or neuter, and micro-chip. \r\nThen you receive $60.00 back once you get your dog spayed or neutured. \r\nThe dogs runs are fairly a good size. \r\nThey also have many volunteers that take the dogs for walks and etc. \r\n\r\nI would adopt another animal from this facility


    Very Clean and Nice


    Not to many small dogs