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  • 1. He killed my dog

    by: KelliM90

    the vet techs didn't know how to give a dog a simple allergy shot. We boarded our dog there for aonth at CHristmas when we came back to pick her up the sides of her mouth were bloody and swollen i asked the lady what happend and she said "oh she must have just bitten herself" - yeah right. When we got her home she was extreemly lethargic and wouldn't eat or move. We took her to Kyle animal clinic now animal medical center of panola county and they helped her some, but she died 2 months later from another flair up. YATES KILLS. I have heard numerous complaints from other friends of his incompassionate nature over charging people for doing procedures they didn't ask for and suggesting they shoot a dog for not having enough money to have it euthanized. I know this is written in very bad grammer, but I still get really angry when I think about it. Go to Dr. Travis or Dr. Ball or any of the people at AMC of panola county if you care about your pet.




    stay away