Wyandot county humane society

9640 county highway 330
Upper sandusky, OH 43351

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. best shelter in ohio

    by: gstockmaster

    loving staff and directors, easily the most caring shelter in northwest ohio


    doesn't turn away any animal



  • 2. love my dog

    by: sesh43326

    When my children were small, 3 and 6 we decided it was time to make an addition to our family. We do have a local pound, but the workers know very little about the animals so that worried me. We were on our way to go shopping one day in a neighboring town and always pass the shleter. We decided to stop and see if we could find a new friend. The people in the shelter were very nice and explained the adoption process to us. Although my son was disappointed he could not take his new friend with him that day, I thought it was smart on part of the shleter. They walked us through told us a little about each dog and each dog had a sheet attached to their kennel telling whether they liked kids, cats ect... When we finally found a friendwe liked, we were taken to a room where we could play and get aquanted with our new pal. Which was great. Through this process we were able to find that our first choice was not the match for us. So we got aquanted with another friend and he was the one. We loved murphy and he made a great addition to our family for the past 6 years. Then murphy left us, the kids were devistated that he had passed, but we were blessed to have the years we did with him. Thank you!


    The people were great at helping us make a match


    too many unadopted pets ;(

  • 3. Great Shelter!

    by: Tiffany08

    WCHS is a great shelter. They never turn any kind of animal away no matter what time of day it is. The staff there is very caring. They try their best for every animal that comes through the door. They do not set time limits on the animals so basically as long as they stay happy, healthy, and they have the space they give them every chance they can to be adopted.


    Never turn anything away, Caring staff


    Cant think of any

  • 4. Great place!

    by: lanad0617

    The staff is caring and genuine. I took my dog, Alli, my sister's dog, Charlie, and a friend's dog, Brutus, to their H.O.P.E. Spay and Neuter Clinic. We had no complications, the price was very affordable and we now have happier and healthier pets thanks to them. \r\n\r\nCheck out their website. You can tell that these people are dedicated to making NW Ohio a better place for all animals. Thank you for all you do.\r\n\r\n


    Affordable, professional care


    30+min drive

  • 5. Doesn't turn animals away

    by: kagin

    Sounds like a wonderful shelter with good ideas


    wonderful they don't turn animals away


    none at this time

  • 6. Excellent shelter

    by: roberta7501

    Unlike all other shelters in NW and Central Ohio, WCHS never turns an animal away, providing a safe and caring shelter environment for all animals (domestic, wild and livestock) that come to their doors. There are no time limits -- every animal is evaluated on its own merits. As long as the animal stays healthy, happy, and they have enough room, the staff does their best to find every adoptable animal a home. \n\nUnfortunately, in a country where more animals are born each day than people, it is not realistic to find a home for each animal. Therefore WCHS and its on-site low-cost spay/neuter clinic provide lifesaving spay/neuter surgeries to more than 5,300 animals each year. \n\nSpaying and neutering is the only answer. Please do not breed or buy -- adopt a shelter animal. Have your pet -- AKC papers or not -- spayed or neutered. You will save a life.\n\n


    Clean, safe environment for animals. No warehousing of cats/dogs


    Hmmmmm, can't think of any

  • 7. Wonderful Shelter!!!!!

    by: Izzybee06

    WCHS is awesome -- their animals are very well taken care of, their adoption counselors really care, and I've had nothing but great experiences with the shelter and clinic. They need renovation money badly, and I can't think of any shelter more deserving!!!


    They never turn animals away, extremely caring staff, and the animals are well taken care of.


    Areas in the shelter are in need of updating but otherwise great.