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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Dr. Meyers & Staff

    by: Champi0n

    Dr. Meyers and staff at Columbia Pet Hospital are wonderful! My dog Champ had to have a leg removed due to cancer and I was so scared, but they were great. They took such good care of my dog and were so supportive. Dr. Meyers made sure I knew exactly what to do and what was going on and the staff helped so much when I had to go back to work. They puppy sat for me during the day and were so good with him.


    Caring, knowledgeable



  • 2. Great Place

    by: missyfrancie

    Every staff member comes out to say hi to you and your pet. The services are top notch, honest and friendly. They do not rush you and answer all questions. They remember their 4 legged clients.


    Good hours, respect for animals


    Haven't found any cons

  • 3. Great Vet

    by: Emilia301

    The staff here really cares about my dog and making sure I am well informed. They actually saved the life of my mother-in-law's sick puppy recently and were so caring and meticulious. They followed up with her often to check in. Overall a great experience going there.


    Staff is friendly and helpful


    Haven't found any yet

  • 4. Very caring people

    by: erinblaise

    I have had 3 pets cremated here. This is the only place in Columbia that offers individual cremation for animals. The people are very kind and caring. They stayed late to help us and even sent me a sympathy card.


    Very caring staff


    are there any?

  • 5. Excellent pet care

    by: jlekb4

    Dr. Meyers and the staff at Columbia Pet Hospital provide excellent health care to a variety of pets. They are all friendly and patient people who obviously care very much for their patients and their owners. They take the time to make sure pet owners completely understand any instructions regarding treatments for their pets and are happy to answer questions at any time. Col. Pet Hospital is a great place to take your pet for routine vaccinations, check-ups and any other pet concerns.


    Staff very helpful and friendly


    Small building but perhaps future addition possible