Woodward Park Dog Park

East Audubon Drive
Fresno, CA 93650

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Nice park

    by: rrgirl63

    I'm surprised that there were just mediocre reviews for this dog park. Every time I have gone the other people were friendly and very careful and considerate with their pets. I also noticed how everyone was attentive to their pets "messes" and cleaned up after them right away. There are tons of tennis balls lying around for the dogs to play with, as well as chairs for us humans to sit it. And lots of trash cans and pooper scoopers to use. Fresh water is also available for the dogs. It's a beautiful park and gets crowded, but it's one of two parks we have here in Fresno. Go and enjoy!!!


    Very roomy and very clean


    Can get crowded at times

  • 2. mmmm

    by: bensmommy

    i went there and so people comanded there dogs to attach my baby lucky i got my dog over the fence before they could harm her


    it is open


    no good people

  • 3. Not to bad

    by: shelleyv

    This park is ok. It's better when there are not many people around. Sometimes there are people there who are bringing their aggressive dogs to show off or something. But overall it's ok.


    a place to let your dog off the leash


    people who bring their unsocialized animals