Woodsprings Animal Clinic

2408 Alexander Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72401

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. wish I had gone somewhere else

    by: matlynne

    This place is really scary to me. They do not know what they are doing. I had to take my dog to another vet because they kept telling me that nothing was wrong with her. I knew it was, you know how it is we know these things, anyway it turns out that she was VERY sick and if I had not have taken her somewhere else she would be dead.





  • 2. Dr. Mark

    by: yarngirl900

    We were Dr. Mark Lawrence's second customer when he opened Woodsprings. He was able to solve an allergy problem with our Mastiff that no other vet had been able to treat. He gave excellent care to all our dogs, and we never doubted that our pets were treated well when we were gone. We miss him and have never found a vet as good.


    Dr. Mark is the best vet


    We don't live near him anymore

  • 3. My First Experience with Woodsprings

    by: LoveMy6Babies

    I am sure this Animal Clinic is a pretty nice one. But my first time experience I wasn't too happy with it. Make sure the staff is knowledgeable and they keep you posted on any changes such as the cost of boarding. if it happens to go up. I was price-checking the cost of Boarding for my 2 large dogs, and I came across them, even though I have never been there before, they had the cheapest boarding prices around, or so I thought. I don't remember the price I was quoted at that time, but it was reasonabley cheap is why I chose them. I was out of town and was calling on behalf of my husband, and set it up with them for boarding my 2 dogs together. I already had the price of what I will be paying when I returned. After almost a week, we came back to get my dogs, even a day in advanced, thinking we would save money on an extra day. To my surprised, it cost me alot more then what was told to me. I went home pondering why so expensive. I didn't noticed at the time either when I was at the vets office, but noticed later when I came home that my one dogs nose was all scuffed up an dred, where the skin was scratched off her nose. I called them back to find out about the higher price for the boarding, and was told that they had changed their prices a couple of weeks or so before I made an appointment to board them, but they didn't tell me that over the phone, when I called them. I guess they gave me the old price, thinking that is what I was going to pay, even though they made the mistake, it cost me. I also asked them about what happened to my one dogs nose, since they didn't make it a point to let me know when I picked her up. I was told she stuck her nose through the chain link fencing sniffing the dogs as they came in. My other dogs nose was fine. Then the day they came home, my one dog was hacking and coughing, and I didn't know what to think. I thought maybe he caught Kennel Cough, even though they both were treated by my actual vet before they were to be boarded. So once again I called Woodsprings and was out more money for medicine to give to both the big dogs. Because I had to give my other dog the medicine too, just in case. Even though my experience wasn't a good one, I am sure they have gotton better. I just won't go there again, because it cost me more than I anticipated.


    Have a Boarding Facility / Free bathes and nail trims after a fews days of staying there


    Cost more than I anticipated.