Woodmere Park

3951 Woodmere Park Blvd
Venice, FL 34285

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. My dogs had a great time!

    by: krisrep

    I was on vacation here with my dogs and we decided to take a break from the beach and check out this dog park. There is a large fenced in area for the dogs to run and a separate area for small dogs. There was even a separate small fenced in time out area. It was clean and there were bags provided in several areas so people could clean up after their pets. There were drinking bowls that filled up automatically throughout the park. It was not over-crowded, but there was opportunity for my dogs to socialize with other dogs, yet enough room for them to have their own space if needed. Like any dog park, I can imagine there are times when people bring pets who are not well-behaved, but people seemed to be watching their dogs and the dogs were well-mannered when I was there.


    my pets had fun; not over-crowded



  • 2. A well kept park for the socialized dogs

    by: DoggieDen

    I loved taking my dogs to the park to run around. They used to mind going at all, it was great exercise for them besides doing the typical walk everyday. We don't really go much anymore because some people (not all the time but occasionally - it's hit or miss) would bring their dog aggressive pets. I'm not sure if they just don't know their pets don't get along well with other dogs, but as soon as they realize this issue, they should leave so that no one gets hurt. But, they usually stay and most don't even intervene. This troubled me because I sure don't want my dogs to get hurt going therefore we tend to avoid going unless we see there is only one or two people there.\n\nThey do keep up on the cleaning and ask that people pick up after their pets. They usually have bags for people to pick up after their pets too. They also have watering bowls that automatically fill up. People need to just be sure that they are up to date on their vaccines and flea treatment. We never had problems with our dogs getting sick from their or any fleas or ticks, but we always stay current. I have heard from others that they have had this issue, but I don't see it being a problem as long as you stay current with your pets.


    Fenced in for your pets to run around


    People bring aggressive pets occasionally