Wood county humane society

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Bowling green, OH 43402
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User Reviews (27)


    by: PStrickland

    wonderful and kind staff helped a kitten find us to adopt our family. she is the best thing to come into our home since our own children, 16 and 14 years ago. :)


    staff, location, cost, knowledge, etc.


    none to report

  • 2. I'm impressed

    by: Savvyupgirl

    I have spend a good deal of my life in vet clinics and around animals and I am impressed by the lengths these inividuals went through to help me and my new dog, Erdos (Buddy), have a peaceful transition from shelter to home. They continue to offer support to us as we encounter some transition bumps, i.e. the existance of horses and cats. They provided me with a useful packet of information about city and county dog regulations, outfitted me with a good collar and leash for the dog I chose, and have helped with vaccinations and other little things that come up. It is the case that they are small and relatively underfunded, in the sense that they have many more animals than they should. While they do an excellent job caring and socializing all the animals, society keeps bringing them more animals. Given the world we live in, I was impressed. (I was also impressed by their willingness to say "i don't know, let me call a dog trainer and see if we can find a good solution")


    Friendly staff, happy animals


    Small and underfunded (who knows if that is a con or a fact of life)

  • 3. An Outstanding Shelter

    by: karlahines

    WCHS is an exceptional shelter. The shelter's staff members and volunteers handle all cases in a most effective and professional manner. All the animals are treated with TLC. I'm proud to be a volunteer at this shelter.


    A very caring shelter


    Too small to house all the pets

  • 4. Gold Star to WCHS for numerous outreach efforts

    by: spirek

    I can not speak more highly of the professionalism, heart and work ethic of all who work with this shelter. It is my charity of choice because of the willingness to go the extra mile to serve animals to the best of their ability. An amazing group of people with a deserving group of animals.


    People who really care for animals and strive to make the world a better place


    The talented group is limited by their resources so the con is that they have to do so much with so very little.

  • 5. great place

    by: kayandjacqui

    very well educated staff. great free roaming cat room. dogs get out every day on walks as well as in large play areas outside.


    very dedicated to mission of cruelty investagtions and finding hapily ever after homes.


    not enough money.

  • 6. Help support the WCHS!

    by: BGcatlover

    I have been a member of the Wood Co. Humane Society for many years. They take great care of their animals and work hard. I was amazed that they managed to adopt out so many of the dogs seized from the recent hoarding situation. Everyone deserves our thanks and help.


    Caring staff


    Outdated facility. They really need to win the makeover.

  • 7. The Shelter with a Heart of Gold

    by: samason

    This is a great place where the staff does everything they can do to help. Each animal receives all of the love and care possible here. I love that this is a no-kill shelter and that each animal is given a chance to find a home even if it takes a while. The only sad part is that sometimes animals can't be taken in due to the lack of room. If they won the makeover, they could take in more animals. They do everything they can, and cannot help every single animal due to the limitations of the building.


    Friendly staff with a passion for what they do


    sometimes there is not enough room

  • 8. volunteering

    by: kcarrie

    i volunteer often at the humane society. i walk dogs on saturday and sunday mornings. the staff is very friendly and helpful. they make sure that you are comfortable with the dog that they have you walk, and they tell you how to handle the dogs while walking them. i love going to the humane society to volunteer!


    very friendly!



  • 9. Great Facility.

    by: sobertears

    The Wood County Humane Society is staffed with employees and volunteers who clearly are invested in the well-being of their animals. All of my pets have come to me as strays or through the Humane Society.\n\nThe cat room, though a bit crowded, house a wide selection of wonderful cats. I only wish I had more room to take them home. I feel the animals are well kept. \n\nOlder animals who have a difficult time being adopted enjoy the shelter and are able to enjoy a healthy, comfortable lifestyle.


    Friendly Staff, Quality care


    small space

  • 10. Caring shelter

    by: guineapiggiemom

    very dedicated staff and volunteers; takes in all animals, not just limited to dogs and cats; awesome shelter manager, puts on a lot of great fundraising events and educates numerous young people on proper animal care and treatment


    does a lot with a little


    very small

  • 11. A Pet Haven

    by: JackieO63

    The staff of the Wood County Humane Society truly cares about the animals. Unwanted pets are welcomed; prospective parents are observed and screened carefully; adoptions are celebrated and monitored. This is a great place for animals and their humans.


    Terrific volunteers


    Insufficient space;

  • 12. A sanctuary not only for animals, but for me to

    by: Alyssakay

    ever since I started volunteering there my life goals have changed in a different direction (a better one in my opinion!) This place is my sanctuary where I can work towards something everyday. There isnt a day that goes by when Im not thinking about the animals there and how I cant wait to leave the college campus just to walk the dogs or pet the cats and simply help out whenever I can.


    very friendly people, volunteers and staff. Everyone cares so much about every single animal


    its a small place with not much room, thats why we are working so hard towards the shelter makeover!

  • 13. The best dog in my world came from this shelter

    by: SusieL

    My best friend Skylar was adopted from this wonderful shelter. This shelter has amazing staff and volunteers to tend to the neeeds of many animals in the wood county area. This would be an amazing opportunity for this well deserved shelter!


    Small shelter with a big heart


    Needs a makeover!!!!!!

  • 14. Kudos to the Wood Co. Human Society

    by: fizmokat

    I volunteered for the WCHS for a couple of months this past winter when there was a large influx of animals confiscated from a neglection case. I was amazed at the dedication that the HS staff and volunteers to make sure that all of these animals had the necessary care. Several adoptathons were held and most all of the cats & dogs were sucessfully adopted!


    Wonderful people who truly care for the well being of animals!


    Facility is way too small and needs many updates to facilitate the care of the animals.

  • 15. My Sunshine

    by: steffermee

    Wood County Humane Society will always hold a place in my heart. I remember, with perfect clarity, walking into its "cat room" and finding myself surrounded by cats of all ages, meowing and pawing at me. It was agonizing to try to pick THE ONE. I was in that room for over an hour trying to make what was, for me, a huge decision to add to my family. And I found Finn. She was sleeping against a giant bean bag bed when I spotted her and picked her up. She immediately purred and rolled around in my arms, not seeming to be aware of gravity or height. I fell in love. The shelter was amazing in expediting the acceptance of my application and I was happy to adopt from them. The day I brought Enid Finn home was one of the happiest I've ever had. \r\nEnid still maintains a complete ignorance of how high and/or far she can jump and she greets me every morning with excitement, begging to be picked up.\r\nThis shelter has a very dear place in my heart and I would love to see it given all the money and support it needs so that every animal there can find a family and share the happiness that we share.


    Caring, friendly staff


    Not enough room for the animals

  • 16. Amazing Staff

    by: laurde

    When the Wood County Humane Society took in over a 100 animals from one case early in 2008, I was not only touched by the plight of the animals but was truly amazed by what they accomplished with their big hearts and sheer determination. They are a No Kill shelter so every possible medical care was provided for the animals including the spaying and neutering of course. I had no intention of getting a second dog but was moved to do so by this particular situation. Hope has been a wonderful addition to our family. We tell her story and show her pictures often to encourage others to support the Society and to possibly adopt a rescue animal if they are able. With their small building and grounds, they would truly be most deserving for a make-over.


    Knowlegable and hardworking staff and volunteers


    very small space: building and grounds

  • 17. good

    by: joycebolt

    All counties should have a humane society, or a place for stray animals. Keep up the good work





  • 18. The best shelter I have ever been with

    by: tts

    This shelter is the best around. I have 5 pets, and 4 of them are from Wood County Humane Society. Some of the best animals and people I have ever known in my life are from WCHS. I will support WCHS for all of my life. I now live in Salt Lake City and miss WCHS a great deal. I owe Renee and the rest of the staff more than I can ever repay because they gave me the most wonderful things in my life...my furry babies.


    Outstanding staff, amazing volunteers, the best animals


    No public funding

  • 19. WCHS is AWSOME!!!!!

    by: ChloeDog

    The people who work here and volunteer at this shelter have a lot of knowledge about every animal that is staying there. They care so much about the animals well being and take a great appreciation for the people who come in to adopt any one of the many animals that are in the care of WCHS. I have never been anywhere else where the people work as hard as these people do. The humane society wouldn't be able to properly run if it wasn't for the amazing volunteers that come in.


    the people who work there are amazing


    the many animals that still need homes at the shelter

  • 20. Awesome Shelter in BG

    by: LishaMarie

    The Wood County Humane Society is a very nice shelter that handles a lot of different types of cases. It is able to care for many animals and the staff does this in a way which is very beneficial for every animal at the shelter. The staff knows every animal by name and they also know a lot about each animal to help find the appropriate animal for every person that walks into the shelter. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly and they are willing to do what is necessary to help every person that walks into the building. The shelter is very willing to accept any new help that comes to them. It is a great place to volunteer.


    No kill shelter, staff is very knowledgeable and friendly


    The shelter is too small to handle the amount of intake that is required

  • 21. The Wood County Humane Society Rocks!

    by: LinkyPete

    The Wood County Humane Society is a great shelter with a staff that knows each individual animal and their unique personalities. They help all domestic animals and they are the only shelter in the county to deal with cruelty/ neglect/ abandonment issues. Unfortunately, due to the amount of animals in Wood County and the size of the shelter, the shelter always has more animals than it would like.


    Knowledgeable, caring staff


    Shelter too small to handle the amount of animals

  • 22. Very caring, wonderful shelter!

    by: PBnOsMama

    Truly a wonderful organization. They help ALL animals (not just cats and dogs) when space allows. They focus on healing/rehabilitating the sick and injured and finding suitable homes for everyone they take in. They are a no-kill shelter and they truly care for all their animals on a personal level. Funded mainly on dontations, they truly make each donation help as many animals as possible. They also have additional programs to reach out within the county to help with animal issues within Wood county. I am proud to be a donating member of the Wood County Humane Soceity and strongly recommend this shelter to ANYONE considering adding a member to their family. Think adoption first! : )


    No kill shelter, very caring and responsible with animals


    small facility but they work well with what they have

  • 23. WCHS is an awesome place

    by: jenniferchristian

    WCHS is a wonderful place. The staff and volunteers there are truly wonderful. The animals are very well taken care of, and even when the shelter is packed to capacity the staff will try to do what they can to get the animal help. The staff works countless hours to help in many instances. When the hourding case happened in Feb of 2008 the WCHS took in over 130 animals and did an excellent job at providing care for every animal. Out of 117 dogs, there is only one who is still at the shelter!\r\n\r\nThis place is wonderful and really deserves a make over!


    No kill, staff who truly care about animals, great volunteers


    not enough money for more staff, space available for animals

  • 24. A great place to find a best friend

    by: AlphaBitch

    The Wood County Humane Society is a wonderful little shelter in NW Ohio. Run by an educated, caring staff, WCHS strives to find families for homeless pets, and to take the best possible care of the animals until those families are found. \r\n\r\nWCHS really comes through when it is needed most. When the shelter was inundated with animals from a particular case, staff and volunteers worked around the clock to get those animals clean and healthy. The surrounding community came together to help with donations of food and supplies, money, volunteer time, vet care, and foster homes. \r\n\r\nUnfortunately, WCHS is a small shelter, and receives very little funding. The need to expand is great. More space is required to care for homeless and sick animals.\r\n


    Educated, caring staff; great board of directors; good community support


    Not enough funding; needs to expand

  • 25. Great shelter

    by: gibs7usa

    This is a wonderful place for dogs and they are very friendly.





  • 26. This place sounds great

    by: neelyjud

    I couldn't help but wish we had some of the wonderful things they have that I read in a review. I wish them the best and hope we can acquire some of these things in the future.


    seems they have a great setup


    none that I know of

  • 27. Great place!

    by: furls

    Although it has been years, I got the best dog ever from here. I really liked their layout for the dogs. The inside kennels could be altered. They also had a great play yard for the dogs with fencing. The yard had 3-4 sections so they could seperate the dogs into groups as needed. Each play yard was great in size. I would definately recommend this place to anyone in the BG area!!


    Great layout