Wolfe Animal Hospital

755 W Cherry
Jesup, GA 31545

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Excellent care

    by: brendale

    i have taken my pets to Dr. Hall for over 20 years now, and everytime we come again he makes me feel as i am his only client. always has such care and concern- and always available for help for emergencies


    clean, nice, knowledgable


    distance from home

  • 2. Dr Hall's

    by: Junebug22c

    I had never beeen turned away, because of no appointments if my dog is sick. This has happened to me before at all the other vets in the area. Dr Hall has along with knowledge, compassion for not only the animal, but the owner. Very nice place wolf animal hospital! Keep it up!


    Dr Hall's avalibility when needed


    I live in another town

  • 3. Very nice

    by: meme4031

    I use to take all my dogs to Wolfe animal hospital. They will always fit you in if you have an emergency and they are very friendly. Dr. Hall is the only one I would let see my dogs. He is a good person and a great vet. The biggest thing about going there for me was: It seemed like they are getting so busy that it was becoming more of a get your number type office, instead of a one on one. Don't get me wrong its a good place to take your pets to, but I just like more of a one on one type of vet that knows me by name and my pets by name and that will see them on a drop of a dime no matter what. Other than that I really don't have any complaints about them.


    DR. Hall, friendly



  • 4. Caring and compassionate

    by: queenbee4758

    This is the only place I take my Rottie to. I had taken Jack to the vet in Hinesville for his heartworm testing and for some reason he wouldn't let the vet take his blood sample and was a bit irritated and at that point the vet hit him and said he had to go. I have never gone back with him to that vet and went to Dr. Hall. Dr. Wolfe was on that day and was very understanding to Jack and was aware that they don't like their feet messed with and spoke to Jack very calmly. Jack liked that and let him do his testing. I take all my kids to them and recommend them highly. I feel that any vet that strikes your pet shouldn't be in that line of work.


    Always available and reasonable


    bit of a drive but my Rott is happier

  • 5. awesome place

    by: Tania5585

    We have been taking our pets here since the early 90s and they have been great with them. They have an awesome staff =) The only thing I don't like is that I live in Hinesville and they are located in Jesup but it's well worth the drive to me!!!


    awesome staff


    far from my house

  • 6. Amazing Vet

    by: MLO2007

    He is a great guy I had just moved here and my lil pup had become ill and he patched her up with so much care and understanding thank you


    Great Vet


    A bit of a drive for me

  • 7. My Favorite Vet

    by: lauriebeth23

    We have used this Vet Hospital for over 20 years...Dr. Hall is such an awesome person and is so caring towards his clients. They recently expanded there office and it makes the visit even more pleasurable.


    nice staff, clean environment, kind doctor


    distance for me

  • 8. Wonderful Place

    by: houstonc

    I just love this vet office..Everyone is so nice and helpful...And they are never to busy..Always going the extra mile...I remember when one of my cats got sick, they told me to bring him right over on the way i realized I would not make it before closing so I called and was told they would wait on me to get there...The cat was very sick and after they did everything possible he died and they sent me a card..How sweet--you don't find may places like this...Wonderful place..\r\n\r\n


    knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly, helpful



  • 9. Excellent care. I trust Dr. Hall with my animals

    by: dstrykr

    I have been going to Wolfe Animal Hospital since I arrived to Georgia in 1997. Dr. Hall is an amazing man, highly intelligent and way above his peers in the veterinary medicine. I have seen him do some extraordinary things and call a diagnosis that would have taken other vets numerous tests to rule out. \n\nHe was a source of hope when I thought three of my cats, which tested positive for FIP, would die in the near future. Six years later, all are still alive. I have watched him perform surgery on my horses, compassionately put to sleep my beloved, but suffering, pets, bring other sick pets back to health and take my frantic calls at 1:00 in the morning. \n\nDr. Hall is always up to date on veterinarian medicine such as virus strain mutations, new pet disease and modern treatments. \n\nHe is a man of compassion whom I trust with the lives of my pets.


    Professional, knowledeable and compassionate!



  • 10. Outstanding Care 24/7

    by: ekseiders

    Last year I had one of our dauchunds fall seriously ill our local vet was unavailable with no back up. I called Wolfe Animal Hospital in panic, and I quote the woman said "sweetie you just bring your boy right in". Well needless to say the service was excellent, they saved his life and then refered us to a specialist for further care in florida, a year later Patton is still with us and as healthy as can be expected. He would have been dead if not for the vets at this hospital. I have 5 dogs and they are now "all" under their excellent care. They are open 6 days a week and have 24/7 emergency care for both small and large animal. With several vets on staff they are the largest practice in our area with full services and a staff to back them up. You never have to wait long for an appointment and the wait time to see the vet is always short. I cannot say enough about the entire staff. Excellent from beginning to end. Well worth the drive.


    Excellent Service from the time you enter to the time you leave


    A bit of a drive from Hinesville but worth it