Wisconsin veterinary referral center

360 bluemound road
Waukesha, WI 53188
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Trust this place!

    by: jessisshort

    Unfortunately, my family and I have become a frequent visitor to the Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center. First off, I absolutely love their staff!!! They kept my golden retriever, Sammy, alive and in good shape longer than he should have been. They did such a good job that he got to come home for a couple weeks even though at the beginning, they found the idea unlikely (he had an undetected cancer). Then my family found a very sick stray cat curled up outside our house. We took him to the Referral Center and Dr Glover did everything he could have to save this cat. Sadly, he passed away but the doctors were very sincere about the situation. We have also rushed our golden retriever, Riley, to this office a couple of times because of seizures. There was nothing wrong with him, but we wanted to get it checked out. And most recently, our cat (Eowyn) had to be taken to the Referral Center because she became very ill and our ex-vet had absolutely no idea what was wrong with her. By just looking at the x-rays, the doctor already knew what was wrong but wouldn't verify it completely until he got the blood tests back. He then told us she had degenerative kidney disease and needed a transplant. They took care of Eowyn for a week and a half, waiting for her numbers to steady out, and then she got to come home until she went to Madison for her transplant. During the time she was at the vet, we were allowed to visit her whenever we wanted and the staff was SO nice about it. They constantly told my family how much they loved our cat. When Eowyn was home, we had to give her a ton of medication including some sort of hydration thing. Since we weren't physically able to hold Eowyn down and give her fluids to hydrate her, the Referral place did it for us. I absolutely love the Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center. Since I frequently have to drive there, I just hate how far away it is from my house. But I'd much rather take the time to drive to the WVFC than go to the place on Silver Spring.


    friendly, compassionate, clean


    too far

  • 2. nice place

    by: cowgirltiff

    I had to rush an injured dog down to this clinic one night. The dog was involved in a car accident and the owner was taken to a hospital for his injuries. The staff was very kind and understanding that i didn't know anything about the dog i was bringing in. The dog turned out to just be in shock and he was released the next day to his owner. The only bad thing is the clinic is a distance to drive.


    24 hours



  • 3. Pebbles

    by: chocho

    Pebbles made two trips here in the middle of the night. It was most helpful to have a place to go when she needed help. The staff was understanding and helpful even in cricuis situations. My only complaint is one blood test never was sent to the lab and it would have been helpful to have it. In their defense the next time I went with her and got the same doctor he reduced some of the charges for that visit. Pebbles never made it home the second time but died on her own which is easier.


    excellent place to go when other vets are closed


    blood sample never sent in

  • 4. They Saved My Pet's Life!!!

    by: ska1107

    My cat was brought in about 12:00am because he had a blockage and the medication was not working. He couldn't go to the bathroom. If his bladder got to full and he couldn't go it would end up causing severe damage to his organs and kill him. They took him in to examine him immediately. When they told me that I had to choose between the surgery of $1000.00 or put him down, I was hysterical. I couldn't put him down because they told me if they do the surgery and I keep him on a very strict diet he would live a long life. But I couldn't pay for the surgery either. The only down fall is they don't have payment plans for surgeries that are that expense. They told me they could perform the surgery but I would have to pay the bill in full before they would release him to me. They also said they needed a credit card before they could perform the surgery. I told them I will give them a credit card number but the credit card doesn't have money on it to cover the surgery. She told me she trusts I will bring in the money but her manager will not be happy if she doesn't show I have a way to pay. They did the surgery and were very good to him. I found a way to pay with the help of my family and friends that paid for it. He is as healthy as can be today.


    Saved my cats life, Very Friendly, Courteous


    No payment plans

  • 5. 24 hour service

    by: rosemarymorey

    While we were on vacation my dog had severe vomiting and diarrhea. Our local vet was closed for the day and the dog was taken here by my daughter. He had lab, x-rays, IV's, meds and stayed there for two days. They found he had ulcerative colitis and was treated and back to normal when we returned home. Thank you for being there to help.


    aways open, great staff



  • 6. Very helpful facility

    by: cmh9023

    My cat needed to be treated with an iodine treatment for hyperthyroid. It was the only place in the area that was able to do this procedure. She stayed 3 days in quarantine and received excellent care. I was thankful to have this clinic available for us. The only downside was cost but it does provide specialty service so I guess that is to be expected.


    Speciality services


    Kind of expensive