Winnebago County Community Park Dog Park

501 East County Road Y
Oshkosh, WI

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Great Park

    by: ju5tmichelle

    I have recently started to take our new addition to the OCDP. I have found the park to be well maintained and easy to use. The only complaints I have do not have anything to do with the park, it is some people do not clean up after their pet or watch their pets. It isn't an issue unless you step in something their pet left behind and it isn't all the time. I have been a regular there now for the past several weeks and I know what people don't pick up, it is that obvious. My dog love the trail around the outside and wooded area for investigating. Sky likes to play fetch sometimes and there is lots of open areas for that to happen. For those who have dogs that like to socialize going during the week around dinner time the best time for that. I have found most of the people to be VERY friendly as are their dogs. If you forget water or bags, most people will share. I don't know many of the human's names, I do however know many of the dogs names, breeds and ages along with a story about the dog. This park is a fund place to spend the day or just a quick walk to stretch your dogs legs.


    open space and wooded area



  • 2. Does not deserve a low score!

    by: hilarios

    I do not understand why the park has such a low rating! My bf and I take our 4mo Beagle there 2-3 times a week and never experienced any issues. Mosy owners watch their dogs, are willing to strike up a convo, and will share water and toys!\r\n\r\nOf course there will be some meaner dogs and owners who don't watch their dogs, but no different than taking your kid to a park/school/ or Mickey Dees.\r\n\r\nWe have never had anything bad happen. Our pup has been run over but bounces back up and runs after the larger dogs. He has learned a lot and we have a lot of fun going, walking around the park, and playing in the tall grasses.\r\n\r\nOf course, make sure you protect your pup with Heartworm stuff and Frontline/Flea stuff. It is the outdoors!


    LOTS of room to play!


    More shade for owners.

  • 3. hole in the fence!!!

    by: MochaWheels

    as of saturday, june 7th there was a hole in the fence around the dog park that my dog actually got thru. i STRONGLY suggest going there... once the fence is fixed. so call before you go.


    walking trail



  • 4. Good park

    by: beefxyogurt

    A nice park with lots of room for running. The smaller section for puppies and small dogs (or even dogs who don't like to socialize with other dogs but need exercize) is very helpful. The fencing could use some repair and the pathways can get very muddy and wet, but all in all it's a good park. \r\n\r\nJust be sure to keep an eye on your dog/s at all times. There is a high probability of fights with the many dogs running free, and some owners decide to be irresponsible and leave their aggressive dogs unattended.


    Fun place to take your dogs for an afternoon


    Be careful

  • 5. won't take my dogs there.

    by: rhonda30

    I love the idea of a place your dogs can run and play however this park is no fun for my guys! Everytime we have tried to use the park theres always an incident. Wether it be an un-altered dog trying to mount one of mine or some dog aggressive dog running around picking fights with every other dog. They should have the park more split so it's not just an open field like some more trails and some more natural landscaping to help give dogs more to do than just get over stimulated by the other dogs. And there should definitly be a rule that ALL dogs who visit should be spayed or neutered so they cause less problems!!!


    good place to expend energy


    needs more rules for safety

  • 6. Great park

    by: Chichilover30

    Very nice area of land, and courtious people you meet out there. Would recommend alot for those interested in socializing there dog.


    Vast space to let your dog socialize with other dogs


    Some owners need a better understanding of keeping there obnoxious dog on leash, as this can wreck the enjoyment for the rest of those who wish to enjoy it.