Windy Hollow Pet Grooming

1488 Airline Rd
Mcdonough, GA

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  • 1. Windy Hollow is one of the best

    by: animaloverrun

    I have been taking my dog (Mr. Pooh) to Windy Hollow for several months now. I have had trouble in the past with groomers because Mr. Pooh has some issues that a groomer must work around in order to make him handsome. Pooh is older and cantankerous and he growls at everything. He does not like to have his nails touched in any way and his coat is curly and requires some special work. On top of all this, he is a rescue dog who was horribly abused and has had each of his legs broken at least once. Because of this, Pooh is always in some pain and doesn't like to stand for very long. So his grooming is going to have to be done with him sitting or lying down most of the time. I heard about Windy Hollow from a lady that I talked to at my Vet's office. I wasn't happy with the groomer who had been doing Pooh. All she did with him was muzzle him and shave him. I had only taken him there twice but it was enough for me to know I needed a change. Windy Hollow is owned by Pam Foreback and it's a small shop. Only one other groomer (I think). I dropped in and talked with Pam about Pooh and was very impressed with her and the shop. She is very professional but friendly. I told her about the difficulties I faced with Pooh and she agreed to give him a try. I told her that I didn't want him shaved but beyond that she should use her expertise about what kind of haircut/style to give him. I dropped him off at 10 and he was done within a few hours. He was beautiful!! I asked if she had to muzzle him and she said she didn't. She just worked very slowly with him. I could tell immediately that she was not rough with Pooh because when I got him home he wasn't limping worse than usual and didn't need medication for pain. With past groomers this is what I had to look forward to most of the time. I was so pleased. In the months since I have been taking Pooh there, he has been groomed by both Pam and Jamie who is the other groomer that works there. Each time Pooh looks absolutely wonderful and no excess pain afterward. I would recommend Windy Hollow very highly.


    very caring; friendly; great styling; good price


    no cons