Windmill animal rescue

350 main street P.o. box 163
Elko new market, MN 55054
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  • 1. Check this place out!!

    by: starzy11

    This place is great!.. It is a pet supply store where you can get anything for pretty much any animal, indoor pets to farm animals. Not only is it a pet store but they have taken it upon themselves to rescue animals... which I think is wonderful! It's not an ideal pet rescue but in my opinion it's better than not helping the homeless animals at all. Like I said in the cons, the thing that worries me the most is the kitties wondering all around the extremely busy main road. I realize that it has to be this way because its a pet supply store.. its not set up to be a shelter and there are no cages or any extra rooms to keep the cats in. They are doing the best they can to help the homeless animals. I think its great, especially because I think that more help is needed in rural areas because of all the farms in the area. So if your looking to adopt a new family member, please be sure to check out the Windmill Animal Rescue!! They are doing a great thing to help save the homeless starving animals and you can do an even better thing by adopting one! All of those animals deserve to know what its like to be loved and cared for, what its like to live in a warm house, not having to worry about predators or dodging cars on the road. They deserve a real home! Windmill is doing everything they can but they don't have time or resources to give these animals everything that they deserve! Thanks for all you do to help these animals have a second chance at life Windmill!!


    You can come here to adopt a pet, buy pet supplies, or both.


    I think that its great that the animals aren't stuck in cages but it really worries me because the cats are running around all over and its right off of a very busy road.