Windcrest Animal Hospital

3705 Lancaster Pike
Wilmington, DE 19805

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  • 1. Safe and secure

    by: labitude4

    Nice thing is that the fenced in area behind the kennel has very tall chain link fencing, which relieves my fears of one of my dogs being able to scale a fence. Some of their runs are oversized and easily can fit three labs so my troops could stay together. They allow you to supply your own food, and didn't charge you extra for using your food. If you bring toys or bedding, you might not get them back when you pick up your pets though. \r\n\r\nBoarding my pets is probably more stressful to me than to them. I would call once a day to check on them and would always get an update. The last time I used Windcrest for my own dogs was probably four years ago though. I stopped using them because one of my dogs is now diabetic and to board a diabetic dog at Windcrest would require him to be kept in medical boarding, away from his buddies who would be in the regular boarding area. The staff were willing to try to put them together for playtime but I feel more comfortable having them together all the time so I've opted to make other arrangements should I ever need to go out of town.


    It's like Fort Knox for those who worry about their dog trying to escape a boarding facility


    Over the holidays, the kennel is full and my dogs tended to come home exhausted and out of sorts from all the barking dogs surrounding them while there