Willowdale Veterinary Center

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  • 1. Negligent Puppy killers!

    by: silverhawk184

    We have been loyal customers of Dr. O'Donnell at Willowdale Veterinarian in Fleming Island, FL for the past 8 years. We recently adoped a second puppy, a 10 wk old Chihuahua/Terrier Mix, Maggie Moo. On Sunday, Apr. 15, 2012, we were on vacation in St. Augustine at a beach house. Maggie had a big day on the beach and had been sleeping for the past 3 hours. We went to wake her up to notice that she was unresponsive. It took quite a while before she came to. Monday, we took her in to see O'Donnell and asked for her to do some bloodwork, to give a baseline. She refused and said it was normal. The next Saturday, Apr. 21, we brought her in for her vaccine. O'Donnell gave her the injection, but pushed needle in too far that it came out the other side of Maggie and the serium shot across the room. Tuesday, Apr. 24 it rained all night. Wed. morning, we took her out to go potty, put her on the yard leash, and shortly let her back in. She was acting normal. Before I went to work, I noticed she looked lethargic, and she puked and had diarrhea. I took her in to see O'Donnell at 9:30a along with samples of the fluids, of which she ignored. I came back at 1:30p to check on her, they had not gotten to her yet, but gave her an anti-nausea shot because she continued to puke. I asked them to do some blood work. 4:30p, they called and said she is ready to go home. Her ACL (liver enzyme) was 1736, should be 110, she said it was "slightly elevated" and was more worried about her sugar 32/100. She said to give her some food and bring her in tomorrow if she doesnt get better. 8:00p, Maggie voids her urine, bowels, and stomach, we take her into the ER. After examining the puke and bloodwork, the doctor said she was in liver failure, due to eating a mushroom. She said if O'Donnell had NOT given her anti-nausea and given her charcoal, she might have been fine. Thurs. night, Maggie passed away. The ER Doctor has called us, asking how we are coping, not a word from O'Donnell. Many friends on Facebook are coming out with similar stories about Dr. O'Donnell, I am trying to get them to post them here as well.




    Dr. Odonnell

  • 2. Long time customer

    by: maceo22

    After ten years of patronage I am a very happy customer and so are all the kitties and doggies that make up our little zoo we call home. The staff (veterinarians, vet techs, receptionists) is always very friendly and care very much about making sure patients are well taken care of and happy. When I call to set an appointment and the receptionist asks which doctor we prefer we can always safely say it doesn't matter; all three vets have treated our "kids" and all three vets have been nothing short of excellent. In short very kind and friendly people, clean facility, never have to wait a long time for an appointment, really great animal hospital.


    Very caring and knowledgeable staff