Willow pet hotel

1926 deer park ave
Deer park, NY 11729
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User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Hotel for Pets with Great Amenities

    by: SailAwayWithMe

    Sometimes it's all the little things that really make something great: brightly colored/painted and well-kept doggie suites/runs, friendly staff, indoor AND outdoor areas, temperature controlled facility, open windows into the grooming area... and the lobby is always clean! I was always very cautious about letting anyone other than family watch my animals - I also didn't like taking them out of the comfort of our home and space but sometimes there's a need to get over that. Our dogs have spent numerous nights at the Willow Pet Hotel. I have nothing but good things to say about both mine and their experience. They always come home nice and happy : )


    Loving + Caring Staff, Always Satisfied (dog and owner)


    Are there any?

  • 2. My Dog Loves it Here!!!!!

    by: rwatt

    I have brought my dog to the Willow Pet Hotel over the past two years. My dog loves it here at this hotel. The staff is excellent and treat my dog as if was their own. They are always friendly and helpful from the time you make your reservation to drop off and then to pickup. The Owner - Mark is hands on and their almost everytime I visit his establishment. Jenn and the girls at the front desk are always excited when my dog Chestnut comes for a visit and sad to see her leave. When I drop my dog off, I always free at ease knowning she will be well taken care of at The Willow Pet hotel. I have tried many other kennels over the 10 years and have never used the same one twice until I came to the Willow Pet Hotel. Stop and see for yourself, they will be glad to take you on a tour of their state of the art, newly remodeled facility. Good Luck and I hope my comments were helpful in your seach for a Kennel. Bob


    Super Staff, Very Clean and New Kennels



  • 3. good place

    by: Emmylee

    it is hard to find a place that welcomes with open arms pit or pit mixes. This place does and I think that is just great.


    nice place



  • 4. Treats all animals with respect

    by: maty

    It is difficult to find a place that will treat pit bulls like any dogs. We were recommend to Willow and have not looked back since. Our dogs love it and the staff is great with them. Thanks so much!


    welcomes our pit bulls, clean, friendly


    a little far from Long Beach =)

  • 5. Willow pet hotel rules~!

    by: niceface

    I have been using the willow pet hotel for years, they have always taken care of my cats and she never complains! THANKS!


    Alwats helpful, always treat the animals perfect, friendly staff!



  • 6. Very good facility

    by: tshops

    A very nice facility and I know someone who works there, so I know how well the animals are taken care of


    I know someone who works there



  • 7. welcomes pit bulls woth open arm

    by: Freeport

    It is hard to find a boarding facility that has an open arm poicy for pit bulls. I knwo the person who uses them and if she says this place is good I know it is. \r\n\r\nThis is the kind of facility that rescue groups should use.\r\n


    the dogs love to go there



  • 8. A Home Away from Home

    by: trojo1521

    I can't give anything but a glowing review for Willow Pet Hotel. They have a very nice staff who welcomed by two pit mixes with open arms. It is rare to find a place that will take them, nevermind treat them like a little prince and princess.\r\n\r\nMy two come home exhausted from running around the whole time and they are always excited to go back. If I could pick up Willow Pet Hotel and put them in Long Beach, then they would be perfect =)


    indoor/outdoor runs, friendly staff


    a little far from our house