Wilkes county dog pound

580 poplar grove rd
Wilkesboro, NC 28697
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. They are OK

    by: Steffy416

    I have rescued 3 dogs from the dog pound. All 3 have been healthy and well taken care of. Only one had kennel cough but that only lasted 2 days. The puppies are affordable and you have a voucher for vet care as well as spay and neuter. I wont hesitate to buy another dog from there.


    Affordable and friendly staff


    They euthanize their dogs

  • 2. I will rate this shelter a 4 for cleanliness.

    by: lovepuppy227

    2 of the 4 dogs that I own came from the Wilkes County animal shelter. My daughter recently adopted a 5th puppy from the shelter a few months ago. All of our animals have been healthy. They do try to quarantine any animals that they suspect that are sick. The first puppy that we got had kennel cough and had to be treated for that, but 4 years later, he is doing fine. Adoption fee is $75.00 for small dogs, $85.00 for large ones which includes spay or neuter and parvo, distemper shot, worming and rabies shot. Every dog that we have ever adopted has always went straight to the vet prior to going home and all have had a fairly clean bill of health except for the one pup that had gotten kennel cough. I highly recommend that anyone adopt a shelter dog and give one a second chance at life . They make wonderful pets and additions to your family!\nPatricia Combs


    It is clean and the staff are friendly


    It is a kill shelter and they can only keep the animals a limited time.