Wignall Animal Hospital

1837 Bridge St.
Dracut, MA 01826
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Exceptional Care for all our animals in need

    by: PetsInNeedRescue

    Wignall Animal Hospital provides care for all PIN's animals. As well as helps support our events.


    Open 7 days a week


    Not 24 hours

  • 2. Vet trouble

    by: DawnLight

    A couple of years ago I was in the area and thought my cat was sick. Not knowing anything about the area's vets, I chose Wignall, as it was close by.\n\nThe first thing the vet checked, was to see if my cat was up-to-date in all shots. She was. However, being from out-of-state at that time, I did not have her paperwork. Especially important was the rabies shot. \n\nThe vet made a major issue out of the rabies shot...the verification. I explained my situation, being from out-of-state, but the vet would not "hear" me. She said, she was going to have to keep my kitty for 3 months under quarantine as my kitty was from another state. And she was nasty. I tried to take my cat home with me, but the vet would not allow me. Threatened to call the police!!\n\nHere I had brought my cat in for a sniffle and she was now "confiscated." And I was due to go back home, states away...a 5 hour drive, in 2 days!\n\nI know the importance of rabies shots. I know the devastation of rabies. I know the legal requirement of vets and their need to protect animals. But this was getting surreal. I felt as if I was with the FBI...and she did not need to be so immediately hostile to me.\n\nSo I left my cat at this vet hospital. I was frantic. Although she said she would not accept a phone call from my vet as verification of a rabies shot, I called my vet anyway. He got pretty upset with this vet. He called her, and after some talk, the vet reluctantly said I could take my cat out of there. And she said this VERY nasty.\n\nI rushed out of the office with my kitty in my arms, feeling I had just escaped from jail.\n\nThis vet was so-off-the-wall. \n\nI cannot comment on the animal care given there as the vet never took the time to look at her. \n\nI don't know how this animal hospital is now, this is just an experience I had that was a mini-nightmare...and a vet from hell.\n\n


    Was close by



  • 3. Good and Local

    by: gcriotgirl294

    Like most animal hospitals, Wignall has a tendency to try to get you to spend more than you really need to. I suggest looking at the bill before you pay it and making sure that you know what they are doing to your pet. Before my rabbit died, she had a cataract in her eye. We had to take her there to get it looked at. I've also been there for other family member's animals. Every time that I've gone there, service has been pretty quick and the staff has been friendly. I haven't used them as a sitter or for their grooming services, but as veterinarians they are good.


    local, friendly, helpful