Wiggly Field At Lake Forest Park

1400 E Ryan Road
Denton, TX

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Okay

    by: 359doran

    Nice park. Bring water bowls and poop bags!


    Lots of space


    Needs poop patrol

  • 2. Great location but too much poo

    by: saveapei

    It's not the park's fault, but there is always too much dog poop everywhere. It seems that most people do not feel the need to clean up after themselves. \nAside from the poo issue, my dogs love to run around and get a chance to socialize. I love the trees and it's a great location!


    Separate areas for big and small dogs, some shade


    Too much poo everywhere

  • 3. dog park

    by: yurmom52

    my 3 dogs like the park, but there is always a lot of dog poop...not too many owners pick up after their dogs.


    no leash


    lots of dog poop

  • 4. A place for pets to socialize

    by: kew0086

    I take my two dogs here all the time. It is nice for them to run around and sociale with other animals. Some pet owners are lazy though and dont clean up after their pets or watch their aggressive dogs and thant can be frustrating. They always have a good time though.


    Big areas with lots of dogs


    sometimes a little muddy

  • 5. Finally Denton has a dog park!

    by: whaussies

    Great park, but people don't pick up their dog's poop! That is a pain. I have overall had a great experience here only a few times seen aggressive dogs. People please if you go, pick up after your dogs!


    Nice big park