Wichita animal shelter

3303 north hillside
Wichita, KS 67219
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  • 1. Absolutely Heartbreaking

    by: ibelieve783

    I first visited the shelter back in April. There are four color coded hallways. Each color represented the amount of days that the dogs had left to live.\n\nThese poor dogs were cramped in their tiny cages and absolutely covered in their own urine and feces. There was a young pitbull puppy, no more than 4 weeks, in a cage alone. Her intestines were hanging out of her stomach. She sat their crying, and I wanted so badly to save her, but I knew that no matter how quickly I got her out, she wouldn't survive. And I couldn't get her out. They have a "No Pitbull Policy." So they allowed that young puppy to sit there, crying, suffering, slowly dying, and knowing that she will die.\n\nI was so disturbed by this that I decided to adopt a dog, any dog, just to find it another home. I chose a golden retriever. I asked the man at the desk about him, and he said that he was already adopted. The same thing went for the next four dogs I chose. They were all adopted! I left feeling somewhat accomplished that they adopt out so many dogs, but I was still disgusted by the way they treated the animals in the shelter. \n\nA few hours later, I had a friend call and ask if there were any Golden Retrievers in the shelter. The man said no. He asked if there had been any in the past few days. The man again said no.\n\nI had enough. The next morning I go in with my camera in hand to secretly videotape the horrible things going on in the shelter. \n\nAs I enter, there is a woman near tears because the man at the counter would not relinquish her two dogs that had been picked up by animal control the day before. They were going to be put down because they were pit bulls, and there was nothing the owner could do to stop them. \n\nThey had finally put the pit bull puppy down which was good because she was no longer suffering. I had sadly, however, lost my evidence.\n\nI found the Golden Retriever, and I asked the people at the front if he is already adopted. He wasn't. He came home with me, and I found him a new home within the week.\n\nSince then, I have moved back to Chicago. Today, my exboyfriend called me to tell me that he was going to jail, and no one was there to get Zoey, our blue merle/black lab mix. He was pretty sure she was going to the pound. \n\nI had called this shelter FOUR times, and they didn't have a dog that was black and gray with black spots. No dog matching that description. Maybe had they gotten up and actually LOOKED at the animals would they have found her. I told them that my name was on her microchip. They told me that they scan every dog that comes in, and no dog has had a chip with my name on it.\n\n Finally, I told man number four my entire story, and he asked me the address she was coming from. She was marked down as a greyhound (no resemblance WHATSOEVER to the breed), and she was there. They DID NOT scan her for a chip, nor did they try at all to have her go back home. I was told that they will hold her up to six days until the euthanasia.\n\nZoey will be saved, and will find a new home, well outside from that disgusting shelter. It isn't even a shelter... it's a nasty building of death. Not one person that I have encountered there made an effort to make the lives of any of the animals comfortable. I'm sure thousands of lives could have been saved if these people would make the effort.




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