Whitman county humane society

635 north west guy street
Pullman, WA 99163

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. The best that they can do

    by: rodeorick

    This is a small shelter with not much selection, this however is not their fault I am sure that they are doing the best that they can with the funding in that area. It seem odd with the school of veternain science there that it was have a higher priority.


    Close to town


    very small

  • 2. Great Shelter to adopt from

    by: mustlovelabs

    This is a great shelter to adopt any animal from. They are such caring people and they do a lot for the community. I really enjoy volunteering with them during the feral cat clinics, they really have the wellbeing of every animal in mind.


    kowledgable staff


    no Cons

  • 3. why

    by: cowboy102

    When we whent there the help wasnt very helpfull, and they didnt give much for information. And it wasnt freindly.


    they were there


    Its nice to have people there who want to be there

  • 4. Puppy Review

    by: FMommas

    The WCHS is an amazing place and not only keeps in mind the animals but also the customers. Everyone is extremely nice and welcoming, however a few of the volunteers didn't appear to be doing anything except hanging out and talking the entire time I was there.\nOther than that all the animals were well taken care of and happy. \nEvery experience that I have had with this organization has been positive and helpful. The main staff has been nothing but upfront and supportive.


    Very Friendly


    There should be more space, its unfortunate that there is not for the dogs!

  • 5. Our little humane society

    by: rossizoo

    Our shelter is small and does what it can for animals. The staff is great and very knowledgeable. I can't wait for our new shelter.


    The staff are such hard workers


    Such a small facility

  • 6. Supportived,clean pet loving shelter

    by: lala14

    This shelter helped me in a time of need, My daughter and I were very upset cuz our baby Tequis 1yr female poodle was lost. We were new to all this and did not know what to do so they comfort us,gave us hope and lots of good info.As I went inside to look for my furgirl I fell in love with all the dogs cats and I wish I could take them home. It was very clean in there,Lady that toured inside knew all the names and showed them affection and love. As for Tequis it was a happy ending story, a lady had her and called salinas animal service to let them know she had Tequis so the shelter asked us for proof that Tequis was our which is a good thing and we picked Tequis up and Tequis wagging and showering me with licks is at home !!!!


    Great grettings,clean,helpful



  • 7. Pets on the Palouse

    by: jamiejo2005

    I love the Whitman County Humane Society! I go down there almost every Sunday because they let me pet the cats in the cat bus, or hold the kittens. They have numerous toys for the cats to play with and if the cat lets you, you can hold them and brush their fur out. While I haven't visited the dogs much, I do see their staff walking them every time I go down there to visit. The staff is always friendly to me and they always ask me if I have used any of their hand sanitizer before handling the pets. The staff seems very knowledgeable. I really hope that the WCHS can wins the makeover because the cats live on a gutted bus from the 50's and the complex is really small and hidden.


    Very friendly, clean, happy staff.


    The cats live in a bus.

  • 8. Very knowledgeable staff

    by: Bullfrog2244

    The full time staff that works there is very knowledgeable when it comes to the animals. They answer any questions people have about the animals. THey also spend a lot of time with the dogs so they know their personality. This helps a lot in finding a good fit for dog and owner.\r\nThe facilities are kept very clean. Every morning the whole place is swept and cleaned. All cat cages are cleaned and sanitized so that no person or cat will get sick. All the dog runs are scooped and cleaned every day by one of the top volunteers at the shelter.\r\nDuring the day the dogs all get to go outside into large yards so they may run around and get some exercise. If possible dogs even share yards so that they can be more social. All the dogs learn basic commands such as sit, down and stay so that they are better suited for adoption.\r\nAlthough the building is old and the humane society is looking for a new home, it is obvious they take care of the building they are in. They take a lot of pride in keeping it clean and a good environment for future pets of whitman county.


    Great place for animals looking for a home


    Small and in need of a new facility