While the cat's away pet sitting

4024 stemmons court
Raleigh, NC 27613

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  • 1. Would never recommend again!!

    by: sushiblues

    After having used this service for many years without any problems, I made the fatal mistake of providing some negative feedback to the owner. She took the feedback personally, did not return my repeated calls to connect with her directly to explain my voicemail message, and abruptly cut ties with me by mailing back my house keys stating she could no longer provide pet sitting services to me. What kind of customer service is this? She forgets that although she may not want to agree with customer feedback, that all customer feedback is valid and she should make every effort to understand negative feedback in order to improve her pet sitting services and not take things personally, which she obviously did in my case. Not a reaction I would expect from a professional business owner, and especially not the treatment as a long term customer I would expect who had actually recommended her services to other friends of mine in the past. I won't be recommending her services anymore.




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