Wharton Veterinary Clinic

1518 Highway 60 South
Wharton, TX 77488

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  • 1. Quality Care

    by: TerrierTails

    First, for the only negative I have. The scale that they use for Dixie is the portable tray scale, like that in a pediatrician's office. Since Dixie doesn't sit well in that type of scale, I'm never sure that they can get an accurate reading. Considering she's four pounds "over standard weight" (she's 17 lbs), I need something rather accurate to gauge her progress.\n\nDr. Pohler is a young doctor, and genuinely seems to care about the animals brought in. I think I'll be happy with the continuing care my animals receive in this clinic. The office is recently built so there's not that "animal" smell saturating everything yet. There's even an area in the waiting room for children to play with toys.\n\n\n\n\n


    Dr. Cody Pohler is great


    Portable "baby" scale