Whalon Lake Dog Park

Royce Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Excellent Dog Park

    by: Animals4Life27

    I love it there and so does my dogs! There is so much land for them to run and get all their energy out. They keep it nice and clean. No weeds or burrs growing. It is all fenced in so you can sit on a bench and watch your dog have the time of their lives. Like I said in the cons the only downfall is you have to walk where you walk because not everyone picks up their dog's poop.


    Tons of space to run around and play


    Not everyone picks up their dog's poop so watch your step!

  • 2. nice part

    by: jschlapi

    nice park with lots of room to run.


    large, many dogs, nice people


    so large I lose track of my dog

  • 3. Safe Place

    by: SGrise

    This park is literally within walking distance of my house. We only take our dog there when there is little chance of running into a lot of other dogs. The park itself is beautiful, clean and safe. The issue is other pet owners who probably shouldn't let their dogs off leash until they are better socialized. Our Lab is a giant baby and was pretty traumatized by some aggressive "greetings"' from other dogs who didn't listen to their owners. All in all, it's a great park and a beautiful place for a romp with Fido.


    Fenced areas for safety


    Some owners

  • 4. Great Place

    by: ljcclark

    Great place to take your dog. Lots of room to run and socialize.


    Lots of Area



  • 5. A great place to play

    by: KimWojo

    Great people, huge area to walk and lots-o-dogs to play! \r\n\r\n


    Great people, huge area to walk and lots-o-dogs to play!


    Mom's and Dad's that bring toys from home

  • 6. Very nice place for the dogs

    by: npappas82

    Trixi and I love this park. The people that come here are very friendly and all the dogs get along great. They have 8 acres for the dogs to run on that are fenced in. They also have a small agility course that the dogs can go in. There is a member ship fee of 25 a year, but you also get access to two other parks on the area.


    Lots of land


    A Little confusing to find first time around